1. Perfect timing for thanksgiving haha, except I will be eating too much

  2. I have lost 21lbs in 2 months and my main source of meat comes from sushi
    :3 so a lot of raw fish. Otherwise I eat a lot of vegan “meat”
    products…they always taste better to me anyways!

  3. Your eyes look so red here 3: are you ok?

  4. I’ve only tried deli Turkey, but this recipe looks good:) thanks for the

  5. Are you staying up late at night editing videos? You look tired and your
    eyes are red. Pleaaaase get some rest ! Your videos are very helpful but
    you deserve a break too ^_^ much love <3

  6. Beef and chicken 

  7. I think you should take a break from wearing those circle lenses Wengie…
    your eyes are very red >.<

  8. I love turkey meat too. One thing I love making is meatballs with double
    the celery, single red onion and turkey meat mashed with 2 eggs minus one
    yolk, which I would fry and eat because I love it LOL and it seems shameful
    to mix it all and not taste it. 

  9. Wengie ive been a vegetarisn for a year, is that also okay? O:

  10. Your eye looks kinda red hope it’s ok :/

  11. I love love love the shirt you’re wearing, Wengie!<3

  12. I’ve barely ever had Turkey in my life. I live in Thailand, and lived in
    Denmark before and turkey seems to be incredibly hard to get – never heard
    of turkey minced, surprise! Not to mention in Denmark Turkey is remarkably
    more expensive than buying a whole organic chicken. Chicken is what I eat
    the most, I stick to the lean ones and prefer the breast over anything
    else. Actually made a roast chicken last night with salad and radish kimchi

  13. I try to eat mostly vegetarian, since I don’t like the texture of meat.
    Sometimes I eat turkey and also fish. That’s it. I don’t count calories,
    the thing I did as I lost a lot of weight was to maintain a healthy portion
    sizes as I usually ate too much. Now when I’ve cut out the lager meals,
    meat and are exercising regulary, it was the best way for me too maintain a
    healthy life-style – and I love it! The most important thing for me in my
    diet is to obtain the right amout of nutrition on a daily basis.

    Thank you for the tips, I’d love to try out that soup. :)

  14. I usually eat chicken, love chicken! But I also eat turkey and it is super
    yummy too.

  15. Turkey is also really high in protein! It’s definitely one of the
    healthiest meats, as it’s also low in fat compared to red meat.

  16. Urs eye look red

  17. Chicken Breast

  18. I’ve never tried minced turkey meat everrr and have a big liking to steak
    meat but I’m glad to know that there are minced meats better for your
    health! since I’m not a fan really of minced beef or pork so it’s probably
    going to be my goto now if I can get it by chance :’)

  19. You’re so awesome…I love your accent so awesome…great video btw! :)

  20. your hair color complements your complexion and eyes wondrously ! 

  21. your eyes look bigger than before o__o u have new contacts or what? tell me
    ur secret xdd tell me now now now~~ no but srsly i wanna know

  22. i love the turkey leg from disneyland!

  23. Can you do some tips for vegetarian? 😉 Your vlogs are really helpful,
    thanks! ;d

  24. Wengie, your eyes are very red in this video. Are you getting enough sleep?
    Please continue to take good care of yourself ^^
    I’m going to try out this stuffed tomato recipe. It looks delicious! I
    found out that turkey actually has more protein than chicken.

  25. I’ve never tasted turkey but I want to. Idk if they sell turkey in New

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