1. I thought the purple rice was dyed a different color, but it’s actually
    jasmine rice

  2. pretty smile <3

  3. what was the name of the rice ?

  4. i like wwwengie talking so much 🙂

  5. Purple rice is sooo good. ^____^

  6. She’s Chinese

  7. I can’t eat things too sweet. It’s like poison to me. I’m Asian too~

  8. nope, chinese.

  9. One of my friends went to japan and ate like them. She was starving. when
    giving diet tips based on asian culture it’s important to remember that
    other races are larger. My friend is from scandinavia. Some of us are
    almost double the height of a regular asian person. Personally I’m a pretty
    regular girl and I’m taller than the regular male japanese person. Goes
    without saying that one egg and some rice wouldn’t be enough for me.

  10. Would Quinoa be healthy ? its like rice but not as starchy

  11. Like she said you have to develop a health lifestyle and eating habits.
    Tall or short, thin or fat if 80% of Americans get use to the fatty diets
    then 80% can get use to the healthy Asian diets.

  12. Konyaku is awesome.

  13. there is no local japanese store where i live

  14. It will be bothersome.. i think is fine like this 🙂

  15. 🙂 good stuff

  16. I think u forgot to add in “eat tofu” because soy beans are also good for
    you ( and there are different ways to eat it, my mom used to put in some
    ginger with chopped green onions and soy sauce)

  17. hey wengie! i’m a new fan, and maybe im wrong, but i saw you put “Jap Pasta
    is So Good!” Jap is a racial slur, and not short for Japanese >> Just

  18. If only I had a local Asian shop

  19. Thank you! Your diet tips really helps me a lot 😀

  20. U look estremely Healthy and beautiful! In my profile picture, a pretty
    luchbox ^^

  21. Hey Wengie, I’m the new fun of you! I’m European girl (I mean I really look
    like) and I want to look more asian…I was looking for some tutorials and
    i just find you! Your films are awesome and helps me a lot :> Thx for all
    of this and I want you to know that you have another person who suports
    you! Good luck <3

  22. Sometimes you can find these stuffs in a chinese store too! C:

  23. I love these videos. You are so cute and informative!

  24. Cool vaporwave tunes in your intro/outros. XD

  25. Is she Australian?

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