1. YES Japanese people are getting bigger. I am here. Reason is because of the
    food is mainly low fat, and lots of veggies. BEST green tea/mugicha
    ((barley))//oolong you can get is you add it to cold water and steeps in a
    few hours. Never add sweetener….tea as it is!! Heading to Korea next to
    learn more. Soups are awesome, esp miso or korean kimchi stew. VEGGIES IS

  2. Woah! You surprised me with your aussie accent!

  3. Wow, I never knew Japan offers a weight program of Japanese women are over
    weight. Makes me feel fat in America 🙁

  4. 腹八分目 <3

  5. When u say drink green tea, can it be green tea in tea bags that you can
    buy from supermarkets ?

  6. Everything you said is what I already normally eat and do (in apropriate
    proportions ofc) after this I feel more good about myself 🙂 I know all of
    this! I am REALLY obsessed with health, it’s not about being skinny, it’s
    about how you’ve got it. to me it’s about being clean, clear-headed and
    pure and food is big part of it 🙂 and yes, fasting is also good because
    you need sometimes to clean your organism from many side-toxics and it also
    clears your mind sometimes 🙂 thank you for sharing this!

  7. nope – not at all. black tea containes caffeine and is slightly acidic in
    the body, whereas green tea is full of antioxidants and highly alkalising
    for you!

  8. you’ll really get surprised of how we eat in UAE…….

  9. Lina Schnürsenkel

    Love your accent!!

  10. I love this series subscribed!

  11. i love japan too XD hehehe

  12. I never had kidney stones in my life until i switched from 2-3 liters of
    water a day to the same amount of green tea. Use moderation.

  13. If you are vegetarian a good source of collagen to put in a broth could be
    garlic, dark green leafy vegetables and red vegetables! ^^

  14. Q: Is it okay to have a little suger in the green tea? (Like a small spoon

  15. Your voice is so cute!

  16. Putri Kartika Sinaga

    i don’t know why but i love you accent

  17. These are very smart and useful tips. Thanks Wengie for your hard work
    making this video for us 🙂 !

  18. Really great nutritional tips – staying on track with what one eats is so
    crucial for somebody who is trying to lose weight.

  19. Asian families tend to live together longer so they can cook family meals
    and tell each other when to stop eating. There’s a comfort zone and less
    loneliness-related anxiety and depression, which leads to weight gain. Jap
    schools also give their students a whole lot more activity than western
    schools, like cleaning up the classrooms and restrooms. Plus, kids
    walk/bike to school, since it’s safe. Healthy kids = more possibility of
    being healthy adults. it’s really a win-win situation for Jp.

  20. Bone soups is so delicious! It really is good for you and also seaweed soup

  21. You are my favorite youtuber ever!!

  22. what can you eat with collagene when you’re a vegeterian?

  23. what video editor do you use?

  24. OMG Just give me a PEPSI please Drink more tea?

  25. How old are you?

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