1. Wengie , my vcousin

  2. Wengie , my cousin lost 5 kg in 3 weeks , just because she did not eat
    after 6pm

  3. your so pretty! how tall are you?xxx <3

  4. How big of a Bowl of rice do you recommend with veggies and meat 1/2 cup or
    1 cup? Or less? Or more?

  5. Hey Wengie 😀 Just wanted to thank you! I downloaded My Fitness Pal App and
    I’m trying to eat 1200 calories per day. I’m losing weight and I’m so happy
    about it!

  6. what’s your true natural hair color? you’re amazing and i’m in love with
    your hair

  7. Omg we eat the same cals per day… Like extract same, that is my weight
    maintenance calories. I’ve never met anyone who eats the same amount as me
    because everyone eats more. Yay, I feel loved. Please could you show me
    exactly everything you eat in one day because then I can get cool ideas.

  8. Hey, just want to ask a few questions 😀 What is your nationality and how
    old are you? I guess you don’t live with your parents AND OBVIOUSLY you
    love pink!! 😀

  9. What do you do if you go out to dinner where someone else is buying your
    meal? Recently, I had dinner with my boyfriend’s parents and I forced
    myself to eat everything on my plate. I felt like it would be rude to leave
    food because they might think that I was unappreciative or that the food
    didn’t taste good.

  10. I like your blouse! It’s so super cute!

  11. Where did you buy that sweater! I love it! T.T

  12. omg i love your videos :3 which editing programme do you use?

  13. i love your takeaway box tip! thank you!!!

  14. how tall are you?

  15. this is really a big help honestly haha do you know how to make skin clear
    up from acne i need help with that i used to put lemon but i guess it
    doesn’t work for me no more

  16. Hahaha food coma…..

  17. She’s 158cm

  18. you’re so cute:)

  19. I love how she makes that blond hair work for her!

  20. I am pretty sure to get Calories from KJ its KJ / 4.2

  21. can u do a video on asian food to eat u have high cholesterol love ur
    videos btw c:

  22. i looooooove your accent <3

  23. NeonNeonNeonNeonBomb

    oh it sucks being petite 🙁 just want to eat til my heart is content

  24. what’s the name of the asian market that you bought your utensils? Dietso?

  25. It’s Daiso

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