Diet Hints for Healthy Hair Restoration

Modern science has made tremendous strides in solving hair loss problem by creating nutritional and invasive replacement techniques. Many vitamins, minerals and trace elements have been discovered to be exceedingly beneficial for healthy hair growth – vitamin B complex, iodine, calcium and vitamin E being among them. Along with the discovery of nutritional hair growth benefactors, some common food stuff was exposed as being detrimental for the health and normal growth of the hair. Within this food group were substances that are high in salt, animal fats and refined carbohydrates.

Based on available research and knowledge of the relationship between good nutrition and good hair growth, here are a few dietary rules to help you maintain a healthy scalp and begin restoring your hair;


Avoid consuming too much salt in your diet. You absorb all the salt your body requires from the foods you eat without adding anything additional. If you must add salt to your foods, try using vegetable salt or unrefined sea salt in moderation. Sea salt contains natural iodine. The accumulated excess salt in body tissues can cause excessive hair loss.

Try adding more natural iodine to your diet. The best source of iodine is kelp, either in the tablet or powered form. One kelp supplement usually contains the average daily requirement of iodine for an adult. Scientific research revealed adding iodine to animal feed increased the quality and growth rate of their fur. The people known for their thick and healthy hair live on diets rich in iodine such as fish, sea foods, seaweeds and kelp. Regular supplementation of 1 to 3 kelp tablets with each meal is recommended.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not over cook your vegetables because many valuable vitamins and minerals are destroyed and lost in cooking. Also include foods rich in B vitamins; raw seeds and nuts, peas, beans, and whole grains. Also fortify your diet with brewer’s yeast which is one of the richest source of natural vitamin B complex and B12.

Avoid excessive intake of animal fats and refined carbohydrates. Replace the animal fats with unsaturated vegetable oils. Sesame seed oil and olive oil are also excellent alternatives. Also add taking one teaspoon of cod liver oil daily to your dietary supplementation ritual. Cod Liver Oil is rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A aids in rebuilding tissue damage that can stimulate hair follicles.

Avoid smoking of any kind. Smoking constricts the arteries and small blood capillaries and slows down blood circulation. It also robs your body of vitamin C.

Eat a balanced diet of vital, natural, unrefined foods, rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Don’t overeat. Obesity is one of the prime causes of premature aging and early death and may be a contributing cause of impaired blood circulation and diminished blood supply to the scalp.

Stimulating and improving the supply of blood to the scalp and the hair roots is the secret to maintaining and re-establishing healthy hair. You have been provided with a number of nutritional approaches that will do just that. For maximum results, it is recommended that use several of the suggested nutritional practices simultaneously.

Resource: Stop Hair Loss Now – By Paavo Airola

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