Diet and Weight Loss Tips; The Importance of Eating Six Small Nutritious Meals Daily

Dieting and weight loss are two of the most oft-searched Internet topics. There are as many myths about diet as there are truths. One big factor that people often overlook in weight loss is the importance of eating. The term ‘calorie’ has become anathema, but what is a calorie? Simply, calories are units of energy measurement. Energy is fuel; we need fuel to perform all bodily functions. Therefore we need calories and food.

The trick with dieting and weight loss is to reorganize eating habits. Mindful dieting and eating strategies, involve weeding out the unhealthy habits and fostering the healthy eating habits. Just as you tend a garden, eating habits must be tended. And just as gardening takes time, remodeling our eating habits takes time. It doesn’t happen over night. Developing healthy eating patterns takes time and practice, just as learning any new skill requires. Many people, Americans especially have been raised on appalling unhealthy diets. We perpetuate the cycle by teaching our own unhealthy eating patterns to our children. The bulk of our food is over-processed, over-sweetened, over-salted, chemical laden junk with no food value, no healthy caloric intake. Merchandisers sell what we demand and for decades now, we have been demanding quick,easy, fast junk food.

The secret to successful weight loss and weight maintenance is two-fold. First we must eat, and eat regularly. Unless you are participating in a regulated, elimination fast, every person on the planet should be eating small, regular meals. Six a day is the ideal amount. How many calories you require for weight loss or weight maintenance depends upon age, gender, health condition and body structure. But the body is designed to run regularly and smoothly. Eating sporadically, binging, eating one or two huge meals per day, none of these are healthy for a regulated body. Ideally, people should eat their six small meals at roughly the same time every day. Eating several nutritious large snacks and small, simple meals throughout the day, prevents the body from developing intense hunger pangs and cravings. It prevents significant drops in blood sugar. It prevents binging and gorging. Most of all, eating regular small meals, gets the body in balance.

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