Diet and Fitness Tips for a Summer Body

With summer right around the corner there is still time to get in shape. Here are some diet and fitness tips to getting the ideal summer body. Having lost over 50 pounds over the last few years I have tried a lot of different things and these are the ones that work for me.

Cut High Calorie Drinks

Drink plenty of water and cut out coffee, alcohol, and sodas. The extra water will help flush your body and reducing your caloric intake will help make your exercise more effective. You’ll be consuming less calories but still burning the same amount which will lead to additional weight loss.

Exercise A Little More

Whether you currently have an exercise program or not, increasing the activity in your life will help you loose unwanted weight. Every little bit helps so take the stairs, walk to lunch across street, or add 10 extra minutes to your workouts. You do not have to make a major change to begin getting in better shape.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The human body needs rest and when it does not get enough metabolism slows down. Plus after exercising your body needs time to recover from the effort and exertion.

Weigh In Daily

By knowing your current weight and checking it daily you can better recognize the effects of your efforts towards a summer body. They may be small changes at first, but by tracking your progress daily you will begin to see how your exercise and dieting are paying off.

Find a Buddy

Find someone to work out with. Our bodies respond best when there is a regular pattern of activity so having a partner to help keep you accountable and motivated goes a long way in keeping a regular exercise program. Most people quit working out not because they are not seeing results, but because it gets boring. By working out with a friend you can someone to help keep things interesting.

Add More Fruits and Vegetables to your Diet

Getting the recommended 6 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day has multiple benefits. First, they add a lot more fiber, vitamins, and minerals to your diet. Plus, because of the additional fruits and vegetables you will be less hungry for other higher calorie, fattier foods.

Eat More, Smaller Meals

Multiple studies have shown that instead of eating 3 large meals a day that eating 4 or 5 smaller meals helps your body burn the food you eat as fuel and not store as much for later. You will be less hungry between meals which will help reduce snacking and over eating.

Enjoy What You Eat

Just because you’re trying to eat healthier does not mean that you have to eat bland, boring foods to get your summer body ready. If you are enjoying the foods you are eating you will be less likely to splurge on unhealthy snacks. Use herbs, spices, and chilies to spice up your meals. Try healthy dishes from other cultures. Also, it is ok to have desert occasionally. Just be sure to have a small moderate portions.

Order Kid’s Meals

When you go out to eat order a child’s size. Most kid’s meals from restaurants have more than enough food in them to feed an average adult. By ordering a smaller portion you will not find yourself with a portion of your meal left on your plate. Most people will clear the food on their plate but by ordering smaller portions you keep yourself from over eating.

Don’t Eat To Relieve Stress

Most of us look to food for comfort when we are stressed. Instead of eating to make yourself feel better find other methods to cope. Try journaling, read a book, call a friend to talk, take a deep breath, or go for a walk. Stress already pushes the body to store energy for later so do not compound this by eating when you are not hungry.


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