1. LifeSport Bootcamp

    *Don’t take my word for it…*

  2. i need some help here to gain muscle

  3. What about if you have a big appetite no matter how much i eat im always
    hungry i also exercise a lot

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  7. TeamAwesome Naxxramas

    Really good advice and pretty good sense of humor. Knows his shit.

  8. Hey Aaron, ever think of doing a podcast?

  9. Nice video! But you missed that spicy food helps to increase the

  10. Muhammad Harry Aulia

    Thanks man , your advice is realy helpfull

  11. good advice but man if your gonna have a channel called alpha m consulting
    at least have a bit of a deeper voice ….

  12. He showed that muscle has a higher density than fat. Therefore, some volume
    of muscle will have more mass (weigh more) than the same volume of fat.
    That’s what people mean when they say, “muscle weighs more than fat.”

  13. Nice video man..but the weight thing isnt working….its cool…thanks!

  14. Nice video

  15. Where is
    the link of the calculator¿

  16. Subscribed, liked, and mentioning it to everyone thanks a lot man, you’re
    the best.

  17. Kool… Thanks alpha m


  18. so man edits

  19. I followed this advice, i had a really good six-pack but i wanted more
    muscle( my starting weight 170lbs), i added an extra 500 calories each day
    on top of my BMR, i done this for 1 year and now im 52 lbs of FAT
    overweight( end weight 222lbs), doctor says, “going by the chart, you’re
    now clinically obese!!!” THANK YOU. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS STUPID ADVICE!!!
    Extra calories equal extra energy NOT EXTRA MUSCLE!!!!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED

  20. If you are looking to build muscle, you should Google Graxile Ripped X.
    That can help you get the body you deserve.

  21. Shakthi Gunawardena

    It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when normal people are able to
    lose weight easily using Reborn Lean Max (Google it).

  22. one pound of muscle a week!!!????? you are kidding right???? this is B/S

  23. A lot of what he says is true, however if your looking to gain or lose
    using the caloric deficit/surplus he advocates, I would advise against his
    suggestion that you try and lose or gain a pound a week, if you do this
    you’re going to gain some muscle, but a good portion will be fat. On the
    flip side, not all loss will be fat, some will be muscle. I’ve found the
    best method is to slowly increase/decrease your caloric intake. Aim for
    adding/subtracting 100-200 a day, this will allow you to lose or gain about
    a pound to a pound and half per month. 

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