Did You Know Being Happy Actually Increases Your Natural Beauty

by Lorraine Rodgers
(San Diego, California, USA)

Happiness is not an end-all product. It is actually one of the factors in keeping one’s beauty!.

Being happy is one of the key things that keep a person healthy and beautiful. This article tries to give some tips on how to maintain beauty by being happy.


How does one actually define happiness? Is it a state of mind or just an emotion? There are many schools of thought with regards to defining happiness.

Whether it is a state of mind or just an emotion, people would know how to internally define what happiness is. Feeling good about oneself and his surroundings is a general definition of happiness.

Happiness is said to be directly correlated somewhat with one’s physical state. Yes, it doesn’t necessarily have any effect on the inborn attributes of a person, but it does affect the glow of one’s skin, the shine of one’s hair and the overall aura of a person.

Tips on how to stay happy for increased Natural Beauty

Positive light

People have a choice regarding how they perceive things. Everything is subject to one’s view and we can use a positive light to be able to see through things. Seeing positively is one of the key secrets of a happy person.

Yes, life is composed of ups and downs but people should always remember that there is a silver lining for all the upsets that are happening in their lives.

Down with stress

Work is usually equated with stress and stress is mainly a key driver of unhappiness. It’s all about making the right choice and the proper budgeting of one’s time and energy.

There are people who stay well and happy even though they are subject to stressful work because they know how to allocate time and energy and they love what they are doing.


Research has revealed that exercising regularly delivers emotional and mental boosts. Exercise improves one’s mood, self-esteem and confidence.

A recent study done in Duke University has shown that regular exercise is very much effective in reducing depression, tension, confusion and anger.

Take a time out

Taking a rest, whether it be a long vacation or intermittent breaks during work, will benefit a person greatly.

Being happy makes one beautiful and being beautiful makes one happy. It’s a good cycle that one has to get into.

It’s all about taking that first step towards self-liberation down to the road of happiness and natural beauty.

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Updated: October 29, 2012 — 1:55 am

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