Did you change what you eat because of health reasons?

I had struggled for many years with various diets, and trying to reduce my stress, eat healthier and excercise more. It wasn't until 5 years ago when I was faced with cancer that I made some serious health changes. I excercise more and eat fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, and sprouted seeds and nuts. I personally chose to eat organically and gave up meat, poultry and fish. I no longer struggle with energy and have become more active in my daily life. Have you made some serious changes regarding diatary needs and excercise because of health reasons?

yes am trying to make similar changes right now. a few tips I find soups very filling.I am a chocoholic so cuting that out will make an enormous change .i try to stop eating late at night.

someone said about eating live food (uncooked) .So I try to eat more fresh salad and fruit .

wish me luck.I will have to stick to think for a long time..

]and congratulations on ur success

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