1. Definitely going to watch Purification now; Just for you 😀

    SUGAR CONTROL : Get Fit Friday #9
    Please share with friends on YouTube, Twitter & Facebook.

  3. Good tips on diabetes. My mum and cousin are diabetic , my cousin got it
    aged 19 and he is’nt fat…….he did have a terrible diet though and loved
    eating junk foods and other crappy food He plays many sports and is quite
    fit so anyone can get it.I’ll have to watch Purification now to see you in
    it. Lol , I probably would have anyway as I like horror films n stuff like
    that =)

  4. Do you know of any documentation on the leaving fat in the food for
    diabetics (assuming they have no complications due to diabetes)? Have you
    (or have you considered) a video for people with Rhumetoid and/or Psoriatic
    arthritis? Our needs are different from those with normal workout routines.
    My fitness goals are to be healthy and keep myself from getting super stiff
    in all my joints early. I’m having problems today and I forget sometimes
    how bad it can be.

  5. @garcon42 Thanks so much. SHARING means A LOT!

  6. @JMUGA ML&R right back at ya buddy.

  7. JB thanks so much for this. I am diabetic and working on my fitness and
    diet. You rock the no sleeves sexy arms look btw! I cat called. You are
    welcome. Lol

  8. great i love these get fit fridays videos ive got a twin brother hes called
    steviejacko on yt hes built this time machine and he told me your still
    putting out videos in the year 2045 all the best john thanks from jacko

  9. @radioqueen46 Thanks & God Bless. Those commercials still run on E!, MTV,
    MTV2, VH1, FUSE & BET.

  10. @MichaelWarbux You are an awesome STEW CREW Star Of The Show!

  11. @Rowena4364 Cool…Let me know what you think.

  12. @TheFunnyFatGirl Glad you like & thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  13. Hey John, been a fan since early 2000’s. I saw you on DailyGrace and
    decided to check your videos out. I had an idea, what if you were to go
    head to head with “epic meal time”? Keep it up.

  14. @NicksKnacks52 I do actually have a new segment on GET FIT FRIDAY called
    FIT MEALS which should be debuting soon. Thanks for the kind words &
    support. Please share the vids with friends too because it really helps.

  15. Yes! Fitness Made Simple is back baby!

  16. @JohnBasedow1 That’s a very good idea-FIT MEALS!

  17. Question: Is your Fitness Made Simple DVD for beginners too?

  18. @DianaH18 Yes, the Fitness Made Simple Book/DVD combo is great for
    beginners because it lays everything out & eliminates all the guesswork.
    You get a complete workout & nutrition plan. Check it out on
    FitnessMadeSimple-dot-com. 🙂

  19. @radcastrodotcom It never left. Commercials, however, are back nationally
    on E!, MTV & VH1 but all this web stuff I’m doing is totally new. 🙂

  20. Great stuff!

  21. Thanks. Hope the tips help.

  22. Thanks for watching & commenting.

  23. dharmendra bhaskar

    what is diabetes

  24. im making a shake with almond milk, cherries, strawberries, cucumbers,
    kale, honey, oats,bananas, and apples…. is that a good start

  25. It has a lot of healthy ingredients but it depends on your goal. If I’m
    trying to get very cut I would have all those sugars (fruits are loaded
    with fructose) and almond milk. If the goal is just better health and a
    maintenance fitness plan, it’s fine.

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