Developing Power Punches – Finding the Right Exercises

If you really want to develop powerful punches, then you have to practice efficiently. There just isn’t enough time in the day to practice the same old drills and expect to increase your punch power.

What follows are guidelines for finding exercises that produce results. Don’t waste your time with just punching heavy bags or air punching.

Find better punching drills.

Punch Power Result
Make sure the punch power result is embedded in the exercise.

If you want a bone-rattling hit, then make sure your practice an exercise that feels like you are moving buildings with your punch.

Curling a dumbbell doesn’t produce any punch shock. Because of this flaw, it wouldn’t be my first choice for punch practice.

Variable Punch Distance
You should be able to adjust the distance during practice. In other words, the exercise needs to work for developing a three-inch punch and also a two-foot punch.

This becomes especially important if you want to progress from one distance to another. You need to be able to practice in stages.

Punching a makiwara board starting with your fist cradled under your armpit doesn’t qualify for this type of intensive practice. If you always start with your fist under your arm, and you always punch to 99% arm extension, then you won’t be able to generate power at different distances.

Don’t Suffer Punch Speed
This has to do with making the punch more efficient … with your blocks and checks. Many punches slow down when people try to put power into it. (Start your punch with muscles relaxed for more speed.)

Your punch exercise needs to be able to function with your checks and blocks. In other words, if you have to wait for your block, before your punch, then you may never get a chance to use your punch power.

Make sure your exercise allows you to add the checks in early, if need be.

Last, but not least, make sure you are practicing drills that really do increase your power. (In fact if you are a beginner or an intermediate puncher, you should look for exercises that show you results at each and every practice.)

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