Dental Injuries Sustained Due to Sports

anybody seen my teeth!

anybody seen my teeth!

Individuals that participate in contact sports such as football or hockey are at greater risks of enduring an injury to the mouth, their oral tissue, or even to the bones that support the mouth. Mouth injuries can be prevented when taking part in contact sports if individuals wear equipment that is specifically designed to protect the mouth such as mouthguards.

Wearing a mouthguard will not provide an individual with 100% protection, but it will decrease their risks of getting injured. In regard to treating an injury that was caused due to contact sports the dentist treating the individual will plan a restoration approach according to various factors that are unique to that individuals situation. When it comes to sports dentistry dentists have to stay on the sidelines and be ready at a moments notice to treat an individual.

Athletes wear mouthguards to help them reduce their chances of injuring their mouth. The amount of protection that one will obtain and the amount of comfort that can be had by wearing a mouthpiece depends on the type that one chooses. A majority of dentists feel that mouthguards should be a mandatory presence when playing sports. There are three different types of mouthguards that one can choose from.

The first choice is the cheapest option of the three, but it also provides individuals with the least amount of protection. This mouthguard cannot be adjusted so that you can get a better fit for your mouth. The absence of an adjustment feature means there is a higher chance that it will fall out of the wearers mouth.

The second option is the boil and bite mouthguard. With this type of mouthguard individuals are able to adjust them with the use of hot water. The last option is to purchase a mouthguard that has been custom-fitted for your mouth. It can take less than a week for one to be ready.

The risk associated with obtaining a dental injury when you participate in contact sports is extremely high. The way that an athletes dental injuries are treated differs from the way that other individuals dental injuries are treated.

Due to the fact that athletes are more likely to reinjure their mouth or increase the damage that was done to it they will usually just wear dentures that can be removed when they lose teeth. Only when they stop playing sports do they undergo a more permanent solution.

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Updated: March 27, 2014 — 8:22 am

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