Dealing With Facial Sweating!

by Babs ‘O’Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, US)

Excessive facial sweating creates an entirely different set of conditions and treatments from the sweating on other parts of the body. Facial sweating or blushing is usually encountered during stressful social situations and can manifest when even other, more normally sweat associated body parts do not over produce.

Quite often this disorder will begin to manifest around puberty when the body is trying to readjust to different types and levels of hormones in the blood. Unlike other areas of excessive sweating, facial sweating is not indicative of more serious medical conditions with the exception of being a possible sign of adrenal dysfunction.

It is suggested that treatments utilizing various anticholinergic medicines be attempted first. Because the excessive facial sweating is usually triggered by stress, these medicines are usually prescribed in tandem with mild sedative drugs.

Biofeedback has occasionally been used although there is no positive proof that this treatment works of itself or if takes advantage of the lowered stress levels entailed in the practice of biofeedback and meditation.

While the surgical procedure known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, where the sympathetic nerves controlling the sweat glands are clamped off within the body cavity has been used extensively in the past, it has been mostly discontinued now. Surgically removing the sympathetic nerves that trigger the sweat glands to produce is no longer recommended for several reasons.

Not only does the procedure leave the face with less mobility and sensation but the body will usually compensate for the loss of sweat generated cooling by increasing the activity of other sweat glands throughout the body. This surgery has proven to often create more problems for the patient than it cures.

Of the various types of hyperhydrosis, excessive facial sweating and blushing is the most difficult to effectively treat without unexpected or unwanted side effects.

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Updated: October 27, 2012 — 4:57 pm

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