Dealing with Diabetes

by Fred Roundstone
(Angmering, West Sussex, UK)

Back when you were young, diabetes was just a word. You didn’t really think that you could ever suffer from it. But as you get older and as your lifestyle changes, the word becomes more of a scary reality!.

In truth, there are ways to avoid this debilitating disease. You need to know what you can take to avoid diabetes, even if the problem runs in your family.

No, you don’t have to take medicines to do this. Mother Nature has supplied you with more than enough herbs to protect your body and ensure its health even in old age.

Moreover, if your endocrinologist frowns about the use of dietary supplements, you may need to turn to what everybody, diabetic or not, turns to for a healthy body….a good diet!.

The American Diabetes Association builds up the benefits of low fat vegan diet: it improves glycemic control, decreases cardiovascular risk factors in diabetes, and reduces body weight.

For overweight obese people:

• Try to get into a diet low in carbohydrates, fat, and calories.

• Modify the things you do and the types of exercise you get into.

• Adjust your behavior and see it as a way to live a better life.

To help prevent the disease:

• You must decrease calorie intake of dietary fat.

• Increase the amount of foods high in fiber for your meals.

To manage the disease:

• Include carbohydrates found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and low fat milk in your daily diet.

• Consume a variety of foods high in fiber so that you improve your sensitivity to insulin and ability to secrete it as well.

People have also looked into plants & herbs that could help control your blood sugar levels. Amongst which are aloe vera, holy basil, leaves of the fig tree, garlic, onion, and milk thistle.

Also know that despite the relatively low cost, many doctors still prefer to go slow on any herb or dietary supplement touted today as beneficial to diabetes. There is no specific plant that medical societies are worried about.

To date, all herbs and supplements being marketed have inadequate scientific data on their efficacy and safety. These supplements have not been subjected to long-term studies on safety for human use. Just because a product is all-natural does not mean that it is okay for long-term consumption.

This is why it is imperative to consult your doctor before starting any supplemental regimen. He might endorse your intake as long as he can recommend a safe dosage, and steer clear from any drug interactions that can do more damage than good.

For instance, garlic and warfarin, both blood thinners, may cause bleeding when combined. Bitter gourd, when taken with laxatives and diuretics may cause potassium-depletion. Asian ginseng and antidepressants can induce feelings of euphoria and may even aggravate hypertension or hypotension.

Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, seek professional help, particularly an endocrinologist, to stop the further progress of your condition and avoid its possible life-threatening complications.

People considering herbal treatments should always speak to an expert before anything. Those who work closely with their physician gain the benefits of this knowledge.

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Updated: January 15, 2014 — 1:45 pm

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