1. You can’t quite understand what is going on in the DayZ Standalone when
    your screen becomes blurry or all the colors are gone? The Healthy and
    Healing statuses are a mystery to you? Or you want to make sure your squad
    performs at its best? Maybe you’re generally interested in how things work,
    for science? You have come to the right place. Lean back and let me take
    you through the intricacies of the first part of the medical system: Blood
    and health and everything related to them – and there’s far more to them
    than you may currently be aware of. Extra bonus: The Tale of Hank and Bill
    may help you to turn your experience in Chernarus upside down!

  2. can blood bags be re-used?

  3. Another great guide merino, because of these tutorial videos I now have the
    healthy status on my inventory screen as I took what you said to heart, I
    bet Yogscast Panda is using your techniques right now, and I’m sure Rocket
    would love to see this in
    effect. Keep these videos up Mate!

  4. Love it, keep it up! Im your student from now on.

  5. post procession just cut the framerate in half, really need to change how
    it work cause I wont cut 20 fps for knowing how my health is.

  6. you just blew my mind
    and a tip for the next video: turn your mic vol up a tiny bit

    edit: can you test if relogging affects the healing cooldown?

  7. Thanks for the video! i put postprocess on. But when i turned it on to
    “normal” quality my screen turned a bit blurry, despite the fact i have the
    “healthy” status. (the only reason i have that is because of your last
    video ;)) Is this blurriness normal since i never had it on before and not
    used to it?

  8. qeqeqeqeq aka the bambi dance

  9. “He’s a good man, and thorough.” Thanks for the detail!

  10. maybe it’s an alpha bug but my screen is black and whit after been shooted,
    so i wanted to test the blood regeneration whitout blood transfusion, now i
    just drank LOTS of water ((untill my smomach feel completly ful) and eated
    some food untill the message appear again…not i am sitting in a house,
    waiting for my colors to gt back to normal, but it’s still fkcn black&
    whit…-_- do i really have to kill myself to get back my colors? oh i just
    try to take some blood from an hostage but since i am O- whit this char, it
    can be reallllly long b4 i find a compatible one…

  11. Nice and fery usefull videos. Thx. And an Clifhanger to end this story :D

  12. william just watched the video, but i think hank played first time in the
    mod and thought that nothing changed in the health system at all

  13. You’re simply awesome.

  14. Love this ! Most effective videos to learn dayz! Great commentator!

  15. that moment when you realized you were at 20% blood and your friend
    misclicks a saline bag and steals even more blood. Spent the entire day
    with like 15% blood. lol

  16. 4 people disliked? Must be Hungry Hank’s squad that disliked.

  17. Martin Damgaard - Hansen

    Love your videos man! They may be 30 – 40 minutes long, but are still very
    enjoyable and rich in DayZ wisdom, thank you! :)

  18. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into these videos man it helps

  19. For the first time since the alpha was made available… I am “Healthy” and
    I have YOU to thank for it! I knew that the messages about hunger and
    thirst showed up when you were pretty low… I just never realized how low
    though. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have learned so much from this series of

  20. awsome video! I just love youre structure, explanation and visualisation.
    Even though its a relativly “boring” topic, you make it interesting and
    easy to understand. Thanks alot and happy surviving!

  21. I’ve eaten a Can of Spaghetti, and I drank ALOT of water until it said ‘My
    stomache is completely full’ but it doesn’t say ‘healthy’ or ‘healing’


  22. Is it weird that I totally geek out about all this metagaming and behind
    the scenes data?

  23. I lol’d at QEQEQEQEQEQE

  24. Really good guide. Although, what i dont understand that Well-Fed William
    and Hungry Hank have to search for a guy to give them Saline Bag IV
    infusion. They are 2 persons, why they would not give each other? Something
    to consider. :D

  25. Wow… This is a great video, full of awesome info! Had my Post Processing
    off, because of performance but after watching this I turned it back on to
    check my character. All I can say is that you saved my life Merino, much
    appreciated from me and my comrades I’ll be passing this video to!

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