Dangerous Habits That Make You Unhealthy

by Danielle
(Boston, MA, USA)

Turns out, there are certain behaviors that have been hyped as healthy actually add fat around your middle and make your waist thicker.

It’s time to throw away these urban legends and finally listen to what the experts have been trying to tell you time and again.

Read books and consult your doctor because your friends could be wrong. What works for one does not make the method any more effective. Rather, you have to think about what your body can take and what you actually need.

First and most important of all, never ever try to skip meals. This tactic always backfires. Instead, you end up being hungrier later during the day.

So, instead of turning away that slice of cheesecake heaven, you overeat and end up finishing a good portion of it. And when you do this, more fat will inevitably find its way to your midsection.

Eating small meals every three to four hours, however, fills you up without resulting in a layer of unsightly flab.

Here’s another thing: vegetarian isn’t always the lifestyle to lead. You will often avoid foods from the meat, fish, and dairy groups because you think they’re packed with a whole lot of calories and fat.

But remember, these foods are actually considered the superstars of the protein world, and these help boost your metabolism so you can fend off tummy bulge. Opt for low calorie, low fat choices and mix these with your sandwich or salads.

You’ll see that they’re actually just as filling and just as good for your body. Of course, there’s also the belief that bread is bad. This may be true for white bread, but whole-grain breads and cereals are more than okay.

These allow insulin levels to rise more gradually, reducing the chance that you’ll actually add more fat to your belly. When you have these once a day, you’ll see the remarkable difference.

Then, there are the products that you get from the grocery. Just because the word ‘lite’ is written on the package doesn’t automatically mean it’s good.

You may think you’re doing your body a favor by opting for sugar-free yogurt, diet soda, or any other snack labeled as low fat or low cal. Those versions are often loaded with artificial sweeteners, which are believed to trigger your metabolism to increase fat storage.

Fatty foods aren’t always your enemy. As counterintuitive this may sound, foods high in monounsaturated fats help burn off belly bulge and lead you to consume lesser than normal.

If you’re craving for a drink, know that alcohol has lots of calories. Yet, these don’t make you feel full in any way. When you binge, you’re inviting more flab to settle on your midsection.

If you really crave for a drink, make it red wine. Aside from that, you can’t make up for the binge with exercises all the time.

Sit-ups tone muscle, but these don’t have any effect on the fat layer covering them. Cardio is still your best bet. Spend your extra time on the treadmill and do crunches in moderation.

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Updated: April 14, 2014 — 1:53 pm

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