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There was a time when simple gymnasium exercises were all anyone thought of when they heard the word exercise. Then there came the aerobics classes at workout studios, resorts and spas. These were difficult and eventually got boring. Now the word exercise has taken on a new meaning. It now means a dance workout to the rhythms of such music as salsa, hip hop and other modern dance rhythms. Now you can dance the weight off with a great dance exercise DVD. Dancing your way to weight loss can be a bit strenuous but you can get the effect you want by putting on a good sweat.

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Julian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones is a series of dance moves for muscle toning. (55 min.)
Petra Kolber: Boot Camp Boogie alternates basic dance moves to athletic exercises (64 min.)
Jazzercise: Dancin’ Abs is a floor aerobics and toning DVD that blends toning with fast paced aerobics. (59 min.)
Jari Love’s Get Extremely Ripped! 1000 Advanced tough aerobics and toning workout (81 min).

There have been many dance to lose weight DVDs made. The five listed above are among the many that were chosen as the best. One other dance DVD that targets weight lost is Zumba. There are a series of Zumba DVD featuring Latin music as well as Latin dance steps that are done to these DVDs. It’s an aid to not only losing weight but to learning to dance the latest Latin dances.

One other workout dance DVD to mention is 10 Minute Solution, Fat Blasting Dance Mix. Each dance segment in this DVD is ten minutes long and works on every part of the body. Three of the segments are on endurance and cardio training while two segments center on toning for the behind and the abs.

If you are serous about losing weight, but are bored with the usual aerobic exercises, and the usual exercise machines, than turn to dancing your way to weight loss for a fun diversion. Dancing as an entertaining evening on a date is fun, but dancing your way to weight loss is even more fun as you are working on a goal you are trying to achieve and in doing so probably learning a few new dance steps.

There is nothing more exhilarating than a good workout and with a good nutritious meals regimen you are bound to lose weight and enjoy doing it.

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