Daily Skin Care Lotions That Help Fight Aging

healthy skin careNot all products are the same when it comes to daily skin care for anti-aging and the same holds true for lotions. There are many lotions on the market that promote their anti-aging properties.

Some of these lotions contain sunscreen as an ingredient and they are recommended by dermatologists across the globe. Many believe that the lotions containing sunscreen cost more and are better at anti-aging because of that added ingredient. However, there is much more than just sun-screen that makes anti-aging lotions effective.

It is a well-known fact that lotions that have sunscreen as one of their ingredients fight against the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays that come from the sun. UV rays cause skin aging in the form of sunspots, dryness, and wrinkles and in the worst cases, skin cancer. Thus, sunscreen was invented. It is intended for use on the face and exposed skin for short periods of sunlight exposure.

However, people should still avoid too much exposure to sunlight regardless of whether they are wearing these sunscreen enhanced lotions or not. Lotions with sunscreen were never designed for protection during extended periods of sun exposure.

The majority of lotions that have anti-aging properties are designed for use on the face. They also are not designed the same nor do they work equally. A couple of commonalities that they do have is that they are made to keep skin pores clear and contain no oils. Swelling and redness in the skin is a result from those that do.

The lotions that have anti-aging properties work to tighten the skin, restore its fullness, reduce the size of pores, and fight against fine lines that appear with advanced age. Furthermore, they repair damage caused by harsh environmental effects and exposure to sunlight.

Regular lotion, the kind that was not designed for anti-aging, cannot repair skin damage from the environment nor prevent the clogging of pores.

However, the two types (anti-aging and regular) do share some properties. For example, regular lotion helps to keep skin moisturized just as anti-aging formulas do. However, regular lotion does the best job on areas of the body besides the face because those areas are not as susceptible to aging effects and the pores are smaller.

Those who have an ongoing fight with dry skin are the ones most familiar with regular moisturizing lotion. These people typically live in places where the climate is either dry, cold, or a combination of the two. Also, because of its availability on the market, it is usually inexpensive and recommended for all.

The skin benefits more from anti-aging lotions, especially those with sunscreen. An added benefit of these lotions is that they help with the skin’s tone. They do this by filling the pores and preventing discoloration by tightly closing them. This is in addition to fighting against the formation of sunspots and wrinkles.

Lotions with anti-aging properties work to fill in the small wrinkles and lines on the face thus the skin looks much younger and smoother. This is in addition to being able to repair skin damage. The outcome is that the skin looks radiant and consistent.

The extra cost associated with lotion containing sunscreen and the anti-aging brands is well worth it. This is because they are effective in fighting the elements that take away the bright and youthful appearance of your skin.

It is important to always look your best because people make their decision about you within the first few seconds that they meet you. So, the first impression is the most important. By using daily skin care lotions that have sunscreen and promote anti-aging, you can meet people with confidence knowing that you are projecting the best.

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Updated: August 28, 2013 — 6:51 pm

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