Dahn Yoga Exercises Promote Health of the Spleen Meridian and Immune Support

Gilbert, AZ (Vocus/PRWEB) April 15, 2011

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Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc., a national leader in health and wellness, continues to promote the understanding of holistic health with its Meridian of the Month series. Dahn Yoga exercises for April’s meridian, the Spleen Meridian, can help with immune support, digestion and release of tension. Other Dahn Yoga benefits include improved emotional health and resilience.

Otherwise known as the “Inner Mother” for the nurturing and bonding it provides the body, the spleen functions as part of the immune system, contributing to the production and storage of blood cells and creation of Ki. The Spleen Meridian is also a digestive meridian and is very sensitive to stress and intake of food. Imbalances or blockages in the Spleen Meridian can cause frequent diarrhea, menstrual disorders, and poor memory and concentration.

There are many Dahn Yoga exercises that one can do to nurture the “Inner Mother.” Leg squats will help to move energy along the Spleen Meridian. Another way to help release tension and any blockage along the meridian is to lie flat on your back, raise your legs to 90 degrees, hold the position and breathe. Dahn Yoga benefits practitioners of these exercises with improved circulation and body awareness. The release of tension associated with these exercises contributes to resilience and emotional stability.

Dahn Yoga does not overlook the benefits of conventional treatment for physical ailments, but recognizes that better health also requires attention to thoughts and emotions and their effect on the body. Dahn Yoga health principles promote an integrated understanding of the meridian system and the flow of Ki through the body.

About Dahn Yoga:

Dahn Yoga is a dynamic mind-body practice originating in Korea. Dahn Yoga classes combine stretching, flowing movement, deep breathing exercises and meditation in a simple and easy to learn format. Dahn Yoga is often taught alongside Tai Chi, Ki Gong and Mediation classes.

In the United States, Dahn Yoga classes are offered at Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc., a national leader in health and wellness. Dahn Yoga classes are also offered at Body & Brain franchise, affiliate and community-based locations.

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