Cycle Your Way to More Strength

by Jayne Holden
(Detroit, USA)

If there is one thing that is certain about the human body, it is that it works better whenever it is in a balance. This can easily be seen by individuals who fast on a regular basis and keep their bodies in tune to the world around them.

The problem is, it is very difficult to keep our bodies in balance because they are constantly being bombarded by dangerous things in the environment around them. If we are able to keep a balance, however, we can notice differences not only in the way that we look, but also in the way that we feel.

This is not only true of life in general but it is also true whenever we are trying to gain muscle size and strength. Many of us fall into a rut of doing the same exercises over and over again, simply because we enjoy doing them.

The body, as a result, becomes used in the exercises that we are doing and it does not grow as quickly as possible. As a matter of fact, some people stick with the same exercises for so long that they actually begin to go backwards as a result of this imbalance.

One of the main ways that I see people getting out of balance at the gym is the fact that they don’t allow themselves to rest in proportion to the amount of exercise that they are doing. They exercise every single day, often working out the same muscles multiple days during the week.

Although they may feel good doing so, it is the resting period in which the muscles will grow and get stronger.

You absolutely must make sure that you maintain this balance because that is when you will notice the differences that you are looking for.

There are many other ways that we need to cycle our body in order to stay in balance. This would also include the things that we eat and the basic type of exercise is that we are doing.

Giving yourself the variety that you need is the first step that you should take into a bigger world of being physically fit and healthy.

Any time that you dismiss this balance as unimportant or simply overlook it, you will begin to see differences in your body that you do not want and that can keep you out of the game for a while.

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Updated: October 31, 2013 — 5:25 am

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