Curves for Women: A Popular Women's Gym

Curves International is a franchise that operates women’s gyms and weight-management classes. It specializes in a complete strength-training and cardiovascular workout that can be completed in only 30 minutes. Their current slogan is “Curves: The Power to Amaze Yourself”.

The Curves gym franchise is owned by Gary and Diane Heavin. The Heavins conceived of Curves as a gym that would appeal to women who needed a workout that was easy, fast, and safe. Curves markets itself as a gym that is unintimidating and accepting of all shapes and sizes, and as such tends to attract women who are older, overweight or out of shape, or who have never been a member of a gym before.

What is the Curves workout?

Curves utilizes circuit-training, and the machines in Curves run on hydraulic resistance. Women work out as hard as they can on a machine that focuses on one or two muscle groups, such as the biceps and triceps. A voice-cue then prompts women to move to a recovery pad, where they can run or walk in place for another 30 seconds. By alternating machines with recovery pads, members get a mix of strength-training and cardiovascular activity. At the end of the workout, women perform some basic stretches to help minimize muscle soreness and increase their flexibility. Curves recommends that women follow their workout at least three times a week in order to stay fit and see results.

Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness

Beginning in January 2011, some Curves gyms will begin to offer Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness classes. These classes will combine all the benefits of Curves’s strength-training workout with the high intensity and fun dance moves that Zumba Fitness is known for. These classes will follow the traditional 30-minute workout length, but they will begin and end at a set-time, and members will have to sign-up in advance for them. Most Curves will charge a small additional fee for these classes.

How much does Curves cost?

Curves prices vary by location, but there are generally two options for members: a membership that goes from month-to-month, and a 12-month contract. Some Curves gyms also offer a student rate, which is cheaper than either the month-to-month or the 12-month contract. Curves also charges members an initial sign-up fee, the cost of which depends on the particular promotion Curves International is running.

Curves Locations

There are over 10,000 Curves in the world. One can find their nearest Curves by going to curves.com/locations and typing in one’s zip or postal code. Most Curves members have travel-passes which allow them to work out at any of the Curves locations in the world, not just their home gym. This allows women to work out on familiar equipment and in a safe and supportive environment while traveling or while visiting friends.

Curves Diet

Many Curves gyms offer weight-management classes. These classes teach women how to lose weight safely and easily by following the Curves diet while continuing their regular workout. The Curves diet has had several versions since its inception, but the basic concept is that women follow a healthy calorie-controlled diet while following the Curves workout at least three times a week. The diet contains recipes for all stages of the diet, advice and tips, and a meal planner. One can buy products designed for the diet, such as Curves shakes and meal replacements, but it is not necessary to do so to in order to lose weight.

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