Creating a Fitness Goal – How to plan and create your Fitness Goal

Right, so you want to know how you can lose weight and get a more toned body without having to splash out on a monthly gym membership or personal trainer? How to maximise your fitness/workout plan to reach your goals on time?

Well, here are some vital points that can be utilised to produce an optimized Home Workout that is personalised and works, creating a realistic fitness program you can stick to!

Create a Goal:

The first thing you should do is look at what you want to gain from your workout. You need to create a goal. This will give you something to work towards and can be a vital motivator for you and your workout.

When creating a goal you must consider several things. One of them being time and reality; goals set must be realistic enough to be met within the time limit you have. To help with this, you can break your goal down into target points. For example: I want to have 2% less body fat within 2 weeks. Then another 2% for the 2 weeks following and then squeeze a final 1% in the two weeks after that. This would give a realistic measure of 5% loss of body fat within the next 6 weeks.

Another thing to consider is do you have the room, equipment, or facilities to carry out your workout, or what other commitments do you have. In other words, what limitations is there that might hinder your ability to reach your goal in the desired timeframe. Do you have a job that you work long hours? Children? Basically, remember to be realistic in what you can achieve within your timeframe, considering everything else you have going on in life.

It is much better to realise earlier on that you may need more time to achieve what you want, rather than getting there, not having achieved what you wanted. This is very de-motivating and easily throws people off track making them more unwilling to try again.

Plan and Targets:

The next thing you should plan is how you are going to achieve this goal. Literally write out a day to day plan of what you are going to do. Include you’re exercise plan and also your nutritional diet plan. Introduce targets at intervals throughout the timeline of your plan. This will further optimize your motivation and point you in the direction of your goal.

Record Results:

You must record your results. This is one of the most vital parts of a fitness program. The main advantage of recording your results is that you can see your progress and determine whether or not you are going to meet your goal by the deadline you set. So, if necessary, you can alter your workout or diet plan accordingly.

Recording your results also allows you to see what works for you. Not all exercise plans and diets work the same for each person. We all have varying metabolic rates and factors that will affect the results that one specific plan would produce. So, from this you can experiment with workout and diet plans to make them work for you!

Bonus Tip: Give yourself a reason that you want to reach your goal and use this as your motivator. This can be one of the best motivators you can have and will push you to get the results you want. Example: If you want your body look like a specific celebrity you aspire to, stick their poster or picture on the wall in places that will be helpful. Some good places are, by your bedside so that you see it first thing. Or on the fridge, for when you go to open it when you don’t need to!

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