Couples Diet – Get Healthy Together

Trying to lose weight can be a challenge to anyone. It can be made easier if you go on a couples diet with your partner. It’s not unusual for people to gain weight once they live with their partner because it is enjoyable to eat together and in most cases one tends to keep up with the other partner’s consumption. Living together with your partner is almost synonymous to gaining weight together.

It’s hard to lose weight while your partner gets to eat anything right in front of you. If he or she is overweight too, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go on a couples diet together. That should make it easier for both of you. This way one doesn’t get tempted to steal his or her partner’s food and break the diet. You can also encourage your partner when you see him or her slacking off.

Before starting a diet together, be sure to agree that both parties are willing to participate. Only when both of you are ready can a couples diet be successful. Discuss your plans and diet regimen with your partner. Decide on what foods and beverages to cut out from your usual meal. Going on a diet together will entail some sacrifices and compromising from both sides.

Keep a journal to write important notes for your diet plan. Write your target weight, goals, restrictions, and menu in your journal. It will be easier to see if you are losing weight by recoding each other’s weight in the journal. It will also be evident if one partner is slacking off and needs to be pushed to stick to the diet plan.

Do your groceries together. You can both decide which healthy foods or drinks to buy. Get food that both of you will enjoy eating. Grocery shopping together also prevents cheating. You won’t be able to buy junk food with your partner watching what you put in the grocery cart. Try to avoid passing by the chocolate and chips lane.

If you can’t do without chips or chocolates, get the ones that are low in salt, sugar, fat and carbs. It is OK to indulge in your favorite chocolate or snacks but only once or twice a month. Buy only one bag of chips or one bar of chocolate. Make these special snacks your reward for reaching your monthly goal or target weight. Share and eat it with your partner so you don’t get tempted to eat the whole bag of chips.

Remember that you are n a couples diet when you dine out. Lessen the number of times a week that you go out to eat. Cut portions or split the meal with your partner so you don’t get used to eating a lot again. Avoid fast food restaurants that serve fattening food like burgers, French fries and pizza. Make a list of healthy restaurants in your journal so you can check it when you guys want to eat out.

Sign up for an exercise routine at the gym. Ask a fitness instructor about exercise routines for couples. Do sports you both enjoy like racquetball or swimming. Concentrate on doing sports for two like badminton and tennis. Of course you can switch to another sport like biking if tennis starts to get boring. Find out what others are doing when they go on a couples diet, they might have interesting suggestions that can be fun to do.

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