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by Beth Jones
(Pensicola, Florida, USA)

Gravity plays a role in everyone’s life. It holds us in place by keeping us stuck to the ground. As we get older, this phenomenon becomes more evident. As for women, many of them opt for a breast lift as an answer!.

Traditionally, implants were needed in this type of procedure, but now, doctors have discovered that this does not have to be the case. A breast lift without the use of implants is called mastopexy.

Surgeons perform mastopexy by lifting breasts that are no longer perky. Gravity becomes a more irresistible force especially after childbirth. Women claim that after they give birth and breastfeed, their breasts look different.

Even women who aren’t as well-endowed feel the effects. However, controversy surrounding this type of procedure may make you pause. As much as there is a multitude of procedures available, most women don’t jump at the chance immediately.

If you watch TV often enough, you may have come across stories that traumatize you. You should also know that these women became victims because they were not very careful with choosing the right plastic surgeon.

Money played a big role in their decision, and because they wanted to save as much as possible, they opted for a person who claims to know what to do, but in reality, wasn’t actually certified. Never fall for this trap. You need to know that you’re going to a professional, one who can assure you of the outcome you want.

With the right doctor, a breast lift can make things better for you. The operation is designed to fight gravity.

If your breasts have become droopy over time, the surgeon raises and reshapes them. Some still choose to use implants, and while this can be done as well, your choice boils down to the final result you wish to achieve. Nonetheless, even without the use of implants, a mastopexy makes a major difference in your body’s appearance.

The procedure may vary from one patient to the next, and you should discuss in detail what you can expect. Typically, excess skin is removed as the remaining tissues are repositioned. In a way, your doctor can be likened to an artist. He must know what looks best on your body and he needs to have an eye for knowing when to stop.

You’ll have to depend on him completely to give you what you want, and with that being said, it helps to see his previous works. You need to be comfortable with his style, and this is only possible when you see pictures from past patients.

Usually, the procedure may take two to three hours. Of course, a general or local anesthetic will be used, depending on the extent of the procedure. You can go home on the same day, but you also need a lot of rest because there will be some swelling and pain involved. In a matter of weeks, the discomfort subsides, and within a year or so, the scars will no longer be visible.

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Updated: December 2, 2013 — 7:49 pm

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