Cosmetic Surgery and the Pop Music Culture!

by Lorraine Rodgers
(Los Angeles, California ,USA)

It seems as if cosmetic surgery is the way to look better nowadays. In a society that has become impatient with the waiting for the long-term diet and exercise, this quick fix is the way to go.

They immediately get the body and look they’ve desired for. And while it can be helpful, others have also abused their resources. In the end, even the younger generation is starting to look like wax models, a poor replica of the modern-day Barbie doll.

Some of the procedures are functional in nature. They seek the help of their doctor to correct something that has been a result of a really bad accident.

The others, however, are just for aesthetic purposes. While they look seemingly perfect, they were never satisfied with what nature has bestowed upon them.

Whatever their reasons are behind this bad decision, cosmetic surgeries are a life-altering move. When they see the face they’ve always wanted, they should be satisfied.

They shouldn’t go overboard and make sure that they take care of their new bodies or faces. While there are definite differences after the surgery, you should also realize that this won’t completely change how you look.

Feeling beautiful starts from within, and while this may sound like such a cliché, there is truth behind the belief, which is why it has endured over the years. Because of its rising popularity, cosmetic surgeries are now well-accepted by many.

There may still be a stigma attached to it, but it doesn’t make much of an impact because more and more men and women are opting for it.

It’s okay to want to look your best. This is a way for you to preserve what time can destroy. In fact, most women talk about a nip and tuck in a certain portion of their body.

Because you aren’t endangering anyone but yourself, there is no need to feel guilty. If this makes you more confident, then the decision is entirely yours to make. However, there are responsibilities attached to cosmetic surgery.

Your job entails that you do your best to preserve the work your doctor has done. And if you want to keep things under wraps, that’s your prerogative as well.

You can camouflage outcome if you give yourself time to heal. Treat your body with care and show some kindness, because while corrective measures are available, you get your best look when you take care of yourself after.

Many women are threatened with the things that have happened to them of late. It could be the loss of a job, a failed marriage, or an ongoing battle with how their bodies look.

As they get older, the need makes itself more apparent. Still, people look for how they are rather than how they look. Nonetheless, it is the older generation that first enjoyed the advantages of modern science.

Aside from that, a variety of fitness programs are cropping up like mushrooms. You now have the means, and now, it is your job to do what needs to be done.

Consider your health, weigh the effects, and most importantly, think about your financial capability.

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Updated: September 3, 2013 — 9:31 am

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