Confidence Enhances Beauty

by Sue Bond
(Albuquerque, USA)

Some of the most successful people in life know what is needed to make any of their dreams come true. The task may take a great deal of time and effort and the only thing that will keep the individual going, despite the setbacks, is confidence.

Everyone needs this as well as a little determination and push from those around them can help them along the way.

Whenever a challenge presents itself, people should be optimistic. If fellow colleagues succeed, congratulate and praise them for a job well done.

This will cause others to think highly of you as a “self-starter” and help you no matter what the odds are.

Confidence always starts with good posturing and a smile. Everyone has accomplished certain feats in life and a person should always remember this to be able to achieve a second triumph.

Being confident is also about being realistic. If a certain task is difficult, a person should be honest and speak up. Rather than just mentioning the problems, a smart person will offer solutions for overcoming these obstacles.

Some people may envy the many accomplishments of an individual and will try to discourage that person. A confident individual knows who to listen to and what to believe. The goal must be kept in mind the entire time and simply ignore discouraging statements .

Confidence can also be enhanced by associating with people who share the same enthusiasm. This can be accomplished by joining a club or finding new friends.

These individuals may have ideas worth sharing and listening to that will help a person achieve more in the future.

Some people believe that the attire a person wears is another sign of confidence. This doesn’t mean buying expensive clothes or make up: it simply means dressing properly for the occasion and using proper grooming.

Everyone has role models. These individuals may be deceased but the accomplishments of these people have lived on. By thinking of that key personality and being consistent, a person will be able to succeed in a similar manner worth remembering.

Humans are not perfect and mistakes will happen. By being aware of these limitations, a person will still have room for improvement.

There are strengths and weaknesses in everyone. By having friends and family members present to challenge the person to move forward, an individual’s true beauty is apparent. This will make it possible to overcome the odds and succeed in life’s challenges.

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Updated: January 14, 2014 — 7:18 pm

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