Components of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness the ability to perform activities of body weight and is critical to the quality of individual health and the well-being. Performance is normally associated with motor skill.

May be part of a physical fitness component.

1- Cardio respiratory endurance – Cardio respiratory endurance means to control the response of the nervous system work the heart muscle more efficiently of exercise.

2- Muscular endurance – Muscular endurance means the ability to carry out repeated for other activities of the muscle without fatigue or tired soon. Same balance of ourselves. This exercise is a test of muscle is good for fitness to build muscle for endurance.

3- Muscular strength – Muscle strength means your muscles. Ability for some time is short to the ability of muscles to contract.

4- Lower Back Stretch Flexibility – Lower Back Stretch Flexibility means the ability to extend the capabilities of each body and contraction of the muscle joints muscle. Angle different from the normal number, such as bending and fingertips to the floor as the hip joints and leg muscles after to movement is full same before start of exercise, fitness. As simple as moving easily test their own readiness.

5- Body composition – Body composition means the ability to coordinate the command performance of sensory knowledge and all muscle including bones and internal organs. Remember that fat loss. And water in the body affects body weight. The real goal is to measure fitness in the balance of the body. And increase fitness levels indefinitely.

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