1. Hope your book will be translated in Russian, or maybe a Russian language
    subtitles on dvd! That would be great!

  2. Two things she said that struck me like lightning! 1. you gotta take care
    of you before you can take care of any body else (I’m in my early 30s and I
    WISH I had of done this 10 years ago). 2. listen to people that look and
    have what you want. Man this is EXCELLENT advice!

  3. im loving your videos thank you

  4. you are so awesome, this video should have millions of views…!

  5. Great video but here’s a tip, next you Ustream, don’t allow any late
    arrivals or section off an area for late arrivals to sit where they won’t
    be in the cameras view. Too many unnecessary distractions that I’m sure
    could’ve been prevented.

  6. come open a restaurant in powell river! 🙂

  7. Genes have nothing to do with what you put in your mouth. Is NOT the Genes

  8. 09:06 CUTE!

  9. Who were her teachers?

  10. looks about 35-40 & very beautiful.

  11. Whoever they were, they obviously didn’t do a very good job.

  12. Why do you think that?

  13. Well, the human body does not recycle all of its cells every seven years,
    and the human body was not made to last for hundreds of years. It’s not as
    though it takes years of biological research to figure that out either, it
    is (or at least should be) pretty common knowledge. Also, I doubt that she
    knows how microwaves change things on a molecular level, or even what
    microwaves are.

  14. She’s beautifully amazing and look at those hands, wow now that’s youth.

  15. There are documented cases of people far older than that in China and
    India. I wonder why..hmm.

  16. Does she mean that both Dr Schulze’s mother and father died from a heart
    attack and he was diagnosed with the same weakness? so like herself he
    decided to do something about it?

  17. i like that ! help yourself to help others, makes sense!

  18. Such a beautiful and intelligent woman! We want more women like her! Thank
    u for sharing.

  19. I guess ppl don’t understand never to walk directly in front of a
    camera..unless they want their 5mins of fame

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  21. Funniest thing there are alot of negative and ignorant comments on here but
    i guarantee the ones who make comments are very unhealthy,negative and
    disconnected to the earth. I practice this life and it works. This was
    information I needed to get better. At the end of he day who last the
    longest is what matters. This is knowledge and if you don’t want it go to
    another page instead of being critical because it’s all about changing for
    the better.

  22. “DON’T PUT A CEILING ON YOUR HEALING.” What an inspiration this woman is!
    If an 87-year-old lady can do cartwheels, surely a 40-year-old could be a
    hip-hop dancer or a gymnast with the same diet and lifestyle. This is
    serious stuff.

  23. jenna marie christian

    she is gorgeous

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