1. Jus a habit now.. Warm water with half lemon and one T Apple cider vinegar.
    Tastes not so good benefits pretty legit. 

  2. she must watch Elliott Hulse and the Hodgetwins

  3. TY- this was a great vid!

  4. Thank you for all the informative videos throughout the year, Corrina.

  5. Thanks

  6. These tips were really helpful. I like the message about not going from
    extremes and making small, positive changes

  7. I’d drink more water if wasn’t polluted with toxic-fluoride. I can’t
    detoxify my body with water if the water itself is toxic!

    Good vid though.

  8. I just noticed @11:00 that some strange bars appeared to be moving behind
    that window on our right.

    Are these to stop you getting out, Corrina, or to stop those outside
    getting to you?

    Zombies!!! :-)

  9. Lemon water is the best always have it everyday . Thank you for these great

  10. I used to eat alot of junk, until I started doing martial arts and reduced
    it slightly and enjoyed junk food occasionally. but 2 years ago I was
    diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy. It has forced me to eat healthy
    to avoid it getting worse. I have changed my diet alot from no fruit and
    little veg to fruit/veg everyday. I’ve learned quite alot from this
    channel in helping me make better decision on whats good and not. thanks 🙂
    oh yea, my body is pretty healthy, the bad heart is genetic. just bad luck
    for me.

  11. This video was very helpful. Thanks for sharing, Carrina!

  12. Corrina TheHealthCoach

    Paul Wise– it won’t let me respond to your comment, you need to join our
    Google + Circle!! 🙂 But to answer your question– I think it’s important
    for any Extreme Diet that we adequately educate ourselves and don’t just do
    what we “think” is Paleo. Paleo means NO processed foods, grains, refined
    sugar, sausage, processed meats of any kind, etc. You also want to be sure
    it’s grass-fed because antibiotics and grain feeds did not exist in
    Paleolithic times. If done correctly with lots of veggies, paleo can be a
    great way to lose weight. If all you is bacon, it probably won’t work as

  13. super informative video 

  14. What about decaf coffee?

  15. what measurement would you recommend for the apple cider vinegar and water
    in the morning? the amount of water and the amount of vinegar.

  16. corinna you look like you got thinner!!!

  17. omg i cant wait for your protein powder video!! im not sure if mine is good
    for weight loss…

  18. Awesome! Thank you 

  19. Corrina you are beautiful :)

  20. I’m not too fond of lemon or apple cider vinegar… will lime work too?

  21. thoroughly interesting

  22. Thanks for the great video. Really looking forward to the green smoothie

  23. Thanks for these tips. I think youre doing amazing work here!!! Hugs!

  24. I did a two day fasting and then started eating fruits and veggies lost 15
    in 8 days! I weighted 250lb im in 235lb. My goal is to go down to 175lb as
    soon as posible and keep it that way by changing my junk food for healthy

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