Claim Compensation for Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis of a Health Condition

Clinical negligence is of different types and each type exposes a patient to damages of various magnitudes. These damages can be both physiological and psychological and they fall under the category of personal injury, entitling a victim to claim compensation from the responsible medical professional. The legal rational behind this approach is that the physician or any other medical professional is expected to cater a particular level of expertise in addressing the situation but his failure to do so has breached the limits of civil liberty for the victim. Such infringement of civil rights has actually caused certain degrees of harm to the claimant and the damage caused should be compensated. The medical negligence solicitors are the best people who can provide an individual with the right sort of guidance in winning the case. If you strongly believe that misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of your health condition due to the negligence of a physician is responsible for the sufferings caused, contact an expert at the earliest for proper consultation over the situation.

What are the Most Common Forms of Misdiagnosis?

The most common forms of misdiagnosis, amounting to clinical negligence, are as per following:

• Incompetence or negligence of a physician to diagnose any form of cancer

• Failure to diagnose the risks of impending cardiac arrest from the symptoms

• Failure or wrongful diagnosis of the chances of stroke and treating a person for different health conditions

• Wrongful diagnosis of high blood sugar or diabetes

• Misdiagnosis and wrongful treatment of DVT and pulmonary embolism

• Misdiagnosis of meningitis, appendicitis other any other types of health condition that due to non-treatment has caused serious physical complications

The Definition and Types of Delayed Diagnosis:

Delayed diagnosis is a common form of medical negligence, which can be defined as reluctant action on part of a physician, who could have conveyed to you the actual heath condition you are suffering from in a timely manner. The most common forms of delayed diagnosis are as per following:

• Delay in diagnosing blood circulation problems, arterial diseases, chances of heart attack and the threats that they may impose

• Delayed diagnosis of the possibilities of stroke and consequent results

• Failure to diagnose any forms of cancer in a timely manner

• Failure to convey the actual situation the patient is suffering or may suffer from due to internal trauma

The Scope you have to Claim Compensation:

Considering the aforesaid risk factors it is not difficult to understand that whether misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, a patient may suffer from unnecessary health complications and the situation can be life threatening. You need to address this issue before a court of law for claiming compensation, matching with the seriousness of damage caused. The medical negligence solicitors may provide you with the most effective help in this context. Using the details you will provide them with, the lawyers will frame you case in a manner so that the learned jurists may understand the elements of liability on part of the physician. If you arguments, in support of the evidences, are convincing enough, the court may provide you with total compensation that your solicitor has estimated.

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