1. Let’s ring in the holidays with a tasty CINNAMON ROLL SHAKE! Subscribe ▶

  2. OH YUMMY! I will have to research the Hemp Milk! I want to come and shake
    it at Tony’s House!

  3. That was awesome. :D

  4. ypu crack me up tony lol

  5. Awesome! And with the green cup you’re just like Si just younger, no beard
    and a six pack.

  6. Fun!

  7. Tony is so cheerful, well I guess you cant blame him, he has a thick bank

  8. He’s a character and we love him and here he is to show you how to whip up
    a mean shake! *<}:{) 

  9. Thanks for the holiday giggle Tony… oh, and nice nutcracker 😉 <3

  10. Tony please come to the UK your my idol man would love to meet you!

  11. Can I be your apprentice? I want a master to train me in health, fitness,
    and comedy. I’m already obsessed with the first two. I love comedy, too,
    but I’m not very comical. And my physique ain’t nothing to brag about
    either. What do ya say, Tony?

  12. Check out Tony Horton’s special holiday Cinnamon Roll Shake!! You’ll love
    how NICE you’re being (while feeling so naughty!) #EatClean

  13. Was that a subliminal like sign on your kitchen counter?
    Thank you for all the motivation to stay fit and be happy. 

  14. HAHAHAHA +Tony Horton cracks me up. Great recipe, but the entertainment is
    where it’s at! #p90x #shakeology #f

  15. I really want a red P90X shirt where can I get one? And yes I don’t think
    we have hemp milk in Kansas. Lol 

  16. Sounds Delicious!

  17. Funniest one yet! HAaarr!


  19. Love him or hate him….he knows fitness!!!!!

  20. You are a total goofball…love this!❀

  21. Subbed in almond milk and added a scoop of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend
    Chocolate Vegan Protein for an extra 17g of clean protein and it was
    delicious! Thanks Tony! Now if I can just figure out why our nutcracker
    wont do that…

  22. You the funny guy!! Love the Santa hat and oh yeah this recipe! Thanks
    for sharing #tonyhorton 

  23. Hemp milk, What? I love that!

  24. Dear Tony
    I have a great suggestion, or maybe a wish !
    how about your next project would be created by Shaun T and Tony Horton
    together !
    let us call it Insane P90X !!
    I love and trust both of them !

  25. We have that in Kansas…

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