Choosing a Swimsuit to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

by Babs O’Reilly
(Miami, Florida, US)


Clothing can cover up a multitude of body faults, but when summer arrives and you have to face yourself at a mirror in a swimsuit – the truth is finally revealed. That warm winter clothing has been hiding expanded thighs and a definite belly bulge.

If you dread having to wear a swimsuit at the beach or pool in your present shape, the following tips may help you select the one that most flatters your figure.

The good news about swimsuit fashion is that you can now mix and match tops and bottoms by size, color and print. Designers and manufacturers finally realized that not all women are created alike – or proportionately — and you’re now able to select from a wide variety of styles.

Before you purchase a swimsuit this year, assess your body type. Then you can shop as an informed consumer, armed with knowledge that you know which swimsuit will most flatter your special shape and size.

First, take a critical look in a full length mirror and decide which of the following body types you are and which style of swimsuit will enhance your figure:

Pear-shaped – Your hips are wider than your shoulders. Choose a suit that will highlight the upper part of your body and play down the bottom.

A solid color, dark bottom and a print top will give balance to your shape. Don’t select a suit with high-cut legs.

Inverted triangle – Your bust is large and/or you have wide shoulders. Select a suit that minimizes your top and highlights a narrow bottom.

Square necked suits tend to shrink large shoulders and color or prints on the bottom half of the suit will pull emphasis from the top portion.

Boyish figure – Small bust and narrow hips define your shape. Choose a swimsuit that seems to add curves to your body.

Any suit with ruffles and prints will make you look less boyish. A halter top (padded) or a tankini (bikini bottom and tank top) are also great choices for you.

Plus sizes – You wear “women’s sizes” and don’t exactly fit the above body types. You’ll want to look for a swimsuit that contains a high degree of stretchy lycra.

A suit that holds in your stomach is a plus – and be sure you have enough support for your bust.

If you’re still uncomfortable parading around the pool or beach in nothing but a swimsuit, purchase a great cover up. Choose from sarongs, wraparound skirts, a long shirt or blouse.

Be sure you try on the swimsuit before you purchase it. Some stores and boutiques don’t allow returns on lingerie or swimsuits.

You may suffer some uncomfortable moments in your search for the perfect suit, but persevere until you find the one that most flatters your body type.

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Updated: October 28, 2012 — 12:26 am

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