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Www.free-for-kids.com Choose A Healthy Lifestyle Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Choose A Healthy Lifestyle www.free-for-kids.com Cut down on sugary drinks and sugary snacks.

2 9 1 5 4 3 6 7 8 1 healthy eating for an active lifestyle 10 tips for combining good nutrition and physical activity For youth and adults engaging in physical activity and sports, healthy eating is essential for optimizing

It’s your life. You’re in control. When you choose to eat right and stay physically active, you choose a healthy lifestyle. Including fruits and vegetables with every meal is a

S T U D E N T B O D Y Make Healthy Choices A Student Body topic area to help young people choose a positive lifestyle by avoiding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco; managing stress; building self-esteem; and

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Healthy Lifestyle Choices 07/04:P/Perfect 9/Staff/Healthy Lifestyle Choices Fact Sheet An Apple A Day ISN'T THE ONLY WAY . . . WHY HOW · Choose whole grain breads and cereals · Eat less fat · Drink SKIM milk PREVENTION · Detect and treat previously undiagnosed

Choose… Healthy Lifestyles! Choosing healthy lifestyles is what are other ways you can maintain a healthy lifestyle? values around drugs, alcohol and tobacco? Choosing Healthy Lifestyles Together As a family, support each other to make healthy choices: Talk about why getting enough

“what are some BARRIERS to a healthy lifestyle?” Choose 4 barriers to a healthy lifestyle and give 2 ways to minimise/ eliminate these barriers. Complete sheet “barriers to a healthy lifestyle

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Updated: July 21, 2014 — 9:18 pm

Choose a healthy lifestyle.

Despite being in the healthcare profession, many of us fail to make

consistent, healthy choices. Research evaluating the physical activity

behavior, fitness, knowledge, and use of behavior modification

techniques by internal medicine residents revealed below-average fitness

levels and inadequate knowledge sufficient for patient counseling for a

majority of participants (Rogers et al., 2006). Similarly, only 21% of

polled female physicians reported practicing monthly breast

self-examinations (Frank, Rimer, Brogan, & Elon, 2000).


Efforts to promote health may be improving in the workplace.

Increasingly, occupational health departments are adopting a

wellness-promotion approach. The importance of promoting healthy work

habits and healthy lifestyle choices has resulted in an increased

recognition of the need to focus on a workplace culture to address

primary and secondary prevention strategies (Yassi, 2005).

How often do you participate in activities that promote health,

reduce disease risk, or support early detection? Do you consider

yourself a good role model for making healthful choices? Consider your

own lifestyle choices, your motivation for change, your risk factors,

and the efforts being made by your employer to see what you can do to

promote healthful choices for you and those around you.

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Yassi, A. (2005). Health promotion in the workplace–The merging of

the paradigms. Methods of Information in Medicine, 44, 278-284.

Marcella Williams, RN, MS, AOCN[R]

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