Chocolates and Acne….is There a Link?

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Chocolates and acne– Is there a link?….although acne is one the most common of skin diseases around the world, the number of myths surrounding acne is astonishing. There are various theories about what should and should not be eaten in order to avoid acne.

However not all that goes around is false either. For instance if you were defying your mother who has always advocated that chocolates are bad for your acne, well here is proof that mothers’ indeed are always right!

Link has been established

Recent studies have proved that there is a link between chocolate and acne. One such research in the university of Miami who tested subjects (they already had acne) who consumed 100 per cent pure cocoa based chocolate for four days in a row. It was found that not only did their acne spurt it increased in the proportion of the intake of chocolate.

The recent study concludes that those who consume chocolate excessively everyday make their facial skin more susceptible to inflammation. The inflamed area invites more bacteria that results in an increase in acne overall. However this study is still not sure about what exactly is the ingredient in chocolates that is responsible for the breakouts in one’s skin.

Whether it is milk or sugar or cocoa has not been established as yet. Further each chocolate bar has a different ratio of the above mentioned ingredients, so every chocolate cannot have the same consequence.

It is also noteworthy, that the focus group on which this experiment was carried out, consumed a considerable amount of chocolate every day. Therefore it is safe to say, that is not necessary to make a villain out of a poor chocolate bar, even though the connection between chocolates and acne has been established now. For instance, if it is dark chocolate you love, and you consume it in moderation once or twice a week, it may not have any significant impact on your acne prone skin.

We would thus reiterate that despite the fact that there is an established link between chocolates and acne, there is no need to give up on this delicacy just as yet. You can still have a little bit of chocolate every now and then if you follow a proper skin care regimen and lead an otherwise healthy lifestyle. While you cannot do anything about the hormonal changes your body goes through during your puberty years, you can definitely eat and drink right and exercise to keep fit and healthy.

How to live healthy and well

Include a lot of fibre and leafy greens in your daily diet and make sure you keep your skin well hydrated by drinking enough water daily. You must make it a point to drink eight to ten glasses of water each day. Apart from this keep away from things and situations that cause stress and make it a point of work out daily, even if it is for half an hour.

If you consciously choose to live healthy and well and keep your facial skin clean, you will definitely suffer much less from the attack of acne. In conclusion we would like to say that though chocolates and acne are linked, you can still binge on tiny bits every once in a

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