Chemical Peel and Dermabrasion

To look young, cosmetic surgery no longer has to be the only option. Aside from the insanely long downtime, these procedures are just too expensive and riskier than the other options now available for you. You can go to your own dermatologist to find what you could actually do to keep your skin looking fresh, young, and healthy.

Of course, diet plays a big role here. To make the procedures even more effective, you also have to take care of yourself better. You can’t go on and live your life irresponsibly. These procedures can only take you so far, and the rest will be up to you.

One route you can take is dermabrasion. This procedure makes use of a wire brush that contains diamond particles. In some beauty centers, this is known as the diamond peel, and like its name suggests, it makes use of diamond particles that somehow sand the top layer of your skin. The whole process takes about an hour to an hour and a half to finish, depending on the damage on the skin and on how much of your body you want to treat.

There is some pain involved here, and depending on the intensity, you can be given an anesthetic. After that, your skin is cleansed and dressing is applied. You may notice that your skin will be slightly flushed and swollen in the next few days, but there’s no need to worry here. Thee scabs fall off and you’ll start to see the beautiful skin that comes out of it. You’ll know how flawless skin should look like after a few days’ time.

Another choice for you would be a chemical peel. What happens here is that the doctor removes the outer layer of your skin where all the harsh elements of nature can somehow be found. It doesn’t go further than the superficial layer so you need not worry about nerve destruction and any form of infection here. With this, a liquid chemical solution is slathered on your face.

After a while, you may feel a slight tingling sensation in all the affected areas. That’s because the medicine slowly burns off a thin layer leaving what’s left exposed. While the whole thing sounds too harsh, there’s very little pain involved here. In fact, what you’ll feel is but a slight discomfort. With the new skin that is firmer now on the surface, your body stimulates itself to produce more of the younger looking skin. Just take note that your wrinkles won’t be removed here, but you’ll feel younger soon after.

These two procedures may not be as thorough all the other options available, but this is perfect for those who are too scared to go under the knife. Aside from that, you won’t be asked to shell out a lot of cash because these are all relatively cheaper than the others. If you want to look younger and feel better about yourself, you can simply look at these two and see which one you could actually go for.

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Updated: December 6, 2013 — 10:50 am

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