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Commonly underwent LASIK eye surgery, dental procedures including veneers and teeth whitening, Botox injections, makeup, hair, and wardrobe restyling, and fitness training. Extreme Makeover would clearly draw the line between ‗treatments‘ and ‗enhancements‘ in very

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Bangkok Cheapest 4-star trendy city hotel Book direct online. Save up to 68% baiyokehotel.com Bangkok resorts Special rates for limited time only Huge savings. teeth whitening and implant using technology acquired from Europe and the US.

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Who among us, at 40 years of age, still has his or her teeth intact, has no visual anomalies (half the German population are now wearing corrective lenses!), has neither varicose veins nor digestive disturbances, has never suffered

BROKENMUSES BLOG – I wish every eloquent person had something to say. – 3 February 2014. There were other things I learnt in Bangkok apart from 3D-chocolate printing. For instance, that there are new jobs out there called “futurist”.

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