1. Second

  2. Taking video hiding the lens with left hand lmao 馃榾

  3. 讘讜专讬住 讗讘专讘讱

    Lol Ye but phone donee’s 4 ram cuz no apps need it, also its need to fit
    the graphic card

  4. He is great ! But I don’t like samsung for paying him for these ads, in his
    personal life he uses an iPhone. I never like it when celeberties get paid
    for tweeting or making an ad for samsung because 90% of them doesn’t use
    one. And it has happened a lot that they tweet for example : “Loving my new
    Galaxy S4” while it says via twitter for iPhone or something like that.

  5. damn thats a long username

  6. we love you cesar

  7. Dominik Lackovi膰

    0:45 He is taking animated photo with covered lens with his hand? 馃槢

  8. i love this guy

  9. better than any Windows/Nokia ads.

  10. FAIL !

  11. Ok I actually ordered a new battery :D. Out of curiosity how hot does your
    S4 get while browsing the web or playing any games? And do you live in a
    hot or cold country, because I think the temperature has a big impact. Such
    as inside it gets to 40degrees while gaming and outside I think its 37. In
    summer it will a lot..

  12. LOL the ringtone of his phone is my alarm sound. I paused the video to stop
    the alarm but didn’t see anything… then I noticed the alarm I set was
    going to go off in 3 minutes… confusing.

  13. How to take photos with your fingers above the camera lens…..ASK CESAR

  14. yeah mine overheats too. its normal

  15. What a lame ad. Samsung

  16. How can you record videos with your hand over the camera lens??

  17. Nuber one!!!!

  18. Vai samsung

  19. he’s sexy so what? 馃檪

  20. hahahahhahahahhhhhhhhh

  21. samsung is now above all the other dreamer brand.

  22. Help me plzzzz s translate is not working on my s4. It shows error uccured.
    I factory reset my device so I dont know what went wrong. 锘

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