Castaway’s health deteriorates

A castaway who says he spent 13 months stranded at sea is back in the hospital for dehydration and malnutrition.


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Updated: February 7, 2014 — 2:49 am


  1. 30 seconds long advertising =dislike 

  2. dreaming of eating food can keep someone alive, it tricks the senses and
    the belly. 

  3. haha she said head scratcher story it is ironic.

  4. Big surprise! I saw a pic of this poor guy with a coke can in his hand. So
    he survives at sea for ages and then deteriorates after getting medical
    attention. This reminds of when some of the survivors of the holocaust
    died quickly after being rescued. The first thing they were given to eat
    was chocolate bars after being in a starved state for who knows how long.

  5. They cut his hair and gave him a coke…..

  6. They cut his hair and gave him a coke…..

  7. He is so skinny now in comparison when he was still not shaved. It looks
    like the guy was telling the truth after all.

  8. he shouldnt have cut his hair, it looked pretty cool

  9. He needs to stay in A Hospital For at Least SIX WEEKS… His Body is going
    to have to be Familiarized again to every day activities like sleeping,
    going to the bathroom, drinking CLEAN WATER. Eating native foods. ETC…
    They’re moving WAY TO FAST… If they keep it up? They may kill him with
    kindness… Literally… 

  10. He probably tried to drink or eat too much too quickly.

  11. Something is just not right after 13months lost at sea , he should have
    been SKIN and BONES…. He’s to FAT, and he’s LYING..This is not what he
    look like when he was DISCOVERED…!!!

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