1. You can google for organic bird food and order it.

  2. do you think i could feed my parakeet flaxseed than?

  3. is dr.harveys good?

  4. Is your dad billy jim

  5. LadyAnglersGlamStyle

    I was told by the pet store that ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor was the best to
    feed to my parakeet. If I’ve been told wrong I’d sure love to know. Does
    anyone else feed your parakeet this feed?

  6. I had a female parakeet when i was 10, at the time i knew nothing about
    parakeets and names it little ben after me, after i grew up and did more
    research i found out it was a female. I Bought her from a store, i believe
    it was superpetz, gave her regular parakeet food, which i found was worse
    for them because she got fatty tumors when she was 8, once i balanced her
    diet out she lived for another 3 more years. To those people who say store
    bought birds cant live a full life, mine lived to 13.

  7. OK i know what not to feed it what do i feed it

  8. Thumbs up if you watch these videos for the lil’ guy in the video, and the
    lil’ guy next to you 🙂

  9. is it ok to feed them millet stick things from pet shops? please responed

  10. @chuwi24 nd hw the fuck does tht affect us??? stick 2 the budgies nt jacked
    up comments like this jackass

  11. the problems the pet stores and breeders if the birds not on a good food it
    takes forever to change them. Mine died after eight years last year i had
    gotten her onto pellets and veggies after 3 years(she finally agreed) but
    she already had a liver problem by then

  12. @GhostOfOpera I’m getting a little guy next to me tomorrow, CANT WAIT!

  13. my budgie died from liver cancer i wish i had known what to feed him RIP

  14. Did anybody say parasite? Monsters Inside Me

  15. thankyou sometimes people dont properly appriciate their keets. your videos
    are wonderful and they help me keep my best friend healthy and happy 🙂

  16. Okay. So does that mean I can go to the store and buy like wheat and grains
    and feed that to my Parakeet?

  17. Part 13: a nice diet for your fatty parakeet!

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    Lean Body”. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  19. Thank you so much for this series of videos that prepare and give use
    advice on keeping parakeet. I just bought mine today after doing some
    research and preparing. I haven’t name her yet. Thank you again for these
    perfect videos:)

  20. My bird died! Stupid seeds!!!

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    burn calories so easily using Reborn Lean Max (check it out on Google).

  22. Um, I just got 2 budgies from petco yesterday, I got ecotrition parakeet
    food, is that safe?

  23. and about being grainivores, I add crackers and bread crumbs to their food
    now, is that good too?

  24. @Charlie Butter I had to do something similar to that a few months ago, and
    what I did really worked well. I got another smaller cage and put it next
    to the cage with the other bird in it. I let them check each other out
    through the bars for about a month and then I let them have visits between
    the two cages. After a month of visits they are now moved in together and
    are totally fine! Sorry if you already got a new bird and did something
    else already!

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