Cardio vs Weights for Fat Loss?

Im 17, trying to minimise my body fat, I do 45 mins weights and 40 mins cardio 3 times a week, as well as eatng a resticted diet..

What'sbest for fat loss??

Any type of cardiovacular exercise in which you keep your heart rate at approximately 40-80% of your max for extended periods of time. Many sources site 40-60% as the “weight loss” zone because at that amount of heart and muscular stress, your slow twitch muscles are working. The slow twitch muscles use fat as their energy source, so they “burn fat”.

Key word here – consistently elevated heart rate. If you just hit/kick the bag several times, then pause, you won't see much benefit.

This when paired with a healthy diet will result in weight loss, by defintion.

Don't bother with weights – weights add muscular definition/toning/size. If you purely want weight loss, I wouldn't bother.

Also, if you reach a point where you aren't realizing good loss of weight, vary your cardio. Either bike instead of jog, or do high intensity cardio instead of low intensity.

Hope this helps!

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