Cardio Home Workouts For Weight Loss: The Easy Way

 The greatest nemesis in working out for losing weight is time. Many people find it hard to allocate part of their time in engaging to activities such as working out or a simple walk because of various reasons like work and personal commitments. Young working professionals As a result, people tend to make amends by cutting out their food intake just to shake off the excess pounds. But neither this promises weight loss. With that, home workouts for weight loss solution can be very helpful.


Home workouts for weight loss guarantee effective weight loss without the need of registering for exclusive membership to gym and requiring allotting time to go to one. The key to home workout exercises is to engage into cardio work out that shreds out fats easily while promoting endurance and over all physical stability. The good thing about home workouts for weight loss is that it does not require exercising equipment usually seen inside gym premises.


  • Refrain from doing cardio exercises if you are suffering from injuries or illnesses that could get worse with physical exhaustion.
  • Wear supportive gears like rubber shoes and garments.
  • Keep a bottle of water within reach. Drink water if needed to hydrate the body while exercising
  • Do adequate warm up routines like stretching arms, waist, legs, torso twists and forward bending.
  • Keep moving. Walk in place if exhaustion is felt.

Cardio Workouts Doable at Home

In-place Jogs

  • Jog in place while pushing arms upwards. Raising arms increases the heart rate at the same time shredding flapping fats around them.
  • Try kicking the butt simultaneously while jogging.
  • Do this exercise for a minute and proceed to the next routine.

Side Lunges

  • Stand straight with feet spread open wide and arms rose at the side parallel to the floor.
  • Lunge and reach left foot with right hand and then get up again to the original position. Immediately follow with left hand reaching right foot and then get up to original position again.
  • Breathe in at the lunges and out on the way up to the original position while increasing the speed.
  • Do this exercise for a minute. Cool down for a bit but still keep on moving. Try walking in place while shaking arms.

Squat-Thrust-Kick 3-Way Combo

  • Stand with both legs slightly apart. Touch the floor and in one swift move, bring the feet backwards until push-up stance is achieved.
  • Jump and bring the legs up to the first position. Stand up and follow up by kicking forward with left and right legs.
  • Doing this exercise is physically exhausting. Again, repeat the sequence for a minute and then cool down by walking in place.

Jogging in Push up Stance

  • Bring the body into push up position.
  • Simultaneously leap the left and right foot as if jogging in place. Feel the contraction of abdominal muscle on the process.
  • Breathe in and out properly with every leap.

Jumping Jacks

  • Do jumping jacks slowly at first and then gradually increasing the speed.
  • To add more intensity, grab bottled water on both hands raising them with every jump.
  • Cool down after doing the routine after one to two minutes.

These exercises should be done one after the other with pauses in between. Pauses should not be totally stopping, try walking in place to prevent the loss of momentum.

More credit to home workout exercise for weight loss is that it does not require very large space. So if the person is living alone with very limited space, it will not matter since all exercise can be done in place.

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