Cardiff Kettlebell Boot Camp Owner Explains Why Boot Camps Are The Future Of Fitness?

As a Cardiff Boot Camp expert, I have followed the personal training model of America and brought it to Cardiff South Wales. In America the 1:1 personal training session is dying out and group personal training is the way forward.

As a South Wales personal trainer, I am still working with clients 1:1 personal training, however I am now performing far more group personal training in Cardiff, than evcer before. These group personal training sessions, in America are referred to as Boot Camps. These boot camps can now be found in South Wales in varied forms. In the City of Cardiff for example there are many boot camps; Cardiff weight loss boot camps, cardiff kettlebell boot camps, Get Fit in Cardiff Boot Camps, Pre and Post Natal cardiff bootcamps, look better naked cardiff bootcamp and even old age pensioner cardiff boot camp. This emphasises just how popular bootcamps in Cardiff has become.

Similar examples can be found in neighbouring cities such as Newport. Newports exercise classes are now less popular, with more people opting for group personal training in Cardiff or boot camps in Newport. There has been a large decrease in aerobics classes in Newport, a significant decrease in step classes in Newport and even a decrease in conditioning classes in Newport, since Newport boot camp classses taken by qualified  south wales personal trainers has started.Similarly to Newport, neighbouring town Cwmbran has also seen decreases in aerobics classes in Cwmbran, decreases in step classes in cwmbran and also a decrease in conditioning exercise classes in cwmbran.

So why are exercise classes in Cardiff, newports exercise classes and cwmbrans exercise classes less popular? Also why has the 1:1 personal training session in America died out and similarly the 1:1 personal trainer in cardiff, may no longer exist in a few years. It’s all to do with the high success of group personal training and the launch of so many successful bootcamps around the world.

A boot camp is a group personal training session, its not like another exercise class. Its certainly not an aerobics exercise class you’d find in newport or a step class in cardiff; it’s a million miles away from spin classes, body pump or any class you have ever been to. Boot camp is not a class….its group personal training.

So whay are cardiff bootcamps better than having a 1:1 cardiff personal trainer. Cardiff boot camps are better for 5 reasons compared to a session with a 1:1 cardiff personal trainer.

Boot Camps in Cardiff are high energy!! The group is full of bubbly characters who all have the same common goal – having an awesome bootcamp workout. This will give you more motivation, energy and passion to achieve your cardiff weight loss goal.

Bootcamps in cardiff are full of lots of different people. It is a fantastic social venue, to meet new friends and have fantastic fun while we train. Health clubs in cardiff – these places can make training boring and training monotonous. cardiff bootcamps are a million miles away from the cardiff health club scene, full of fun, passsion and enthusiasm. Plus…this way you can work out with family and friends.There has never been a better way to get fit.

1:1 personal training in cardiff is upto £35 for an individual session, although this is definitely worth the investment cardiff bot camps are more affordable at just £8 – £10 a sesion in most cases. Even though its cheaper, research has shown that the results are exactly the same in cardiff boot camps as having a personal trainer, train you one on one.

You still have a 1:1 personal trainer o hand in cardiff bootcamps. So nutrition advice, setting goals and someone to keep you on track is still there. All the benefits of having a one on one personal trainer are there.

So with the 1:1 personal training industry still going strong in Cardiff, it seems with the emergence of boot camps it is the exercise classes in newport, exercise classes in cardiff and exercise classes cwmbran that are suffering. People want results and are now realising that qualified personal trainers in the form of one on one personal training sessions and cardiff boot camps are the way forward.

Lets look forward to seeing the emergence of more south wales bootcamp, newport bootcamp, cwmbran bootcamp and south wales valley bootcamps in the coming years. This will surely make south wales a fitter place, We can expect more kettlebell boot camp, which has proved extremely popular in cardiff. Newport kettlebell boot camp is also going to be launched in the summer of 2010. Later in 2010 we willhave kettlebell bootcamps in cwmbran and also in the south wales valleys.

Goodbye to South Wales Aerobics classes, good bye to south wales step classes, good bye to south wales conditioning classes…..a new form of exercise is in town, that guarantees weight loss results. These weightloss result in Cardiff have been proven. Boot camps in Cardiff, Boot Camps in Newport have ben launched.

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