Can You Really Lose Weight by Counting Fat Grams?

Counting fat grams can be an easy way to achieve weight loss but it requires discipline and effort. You have to be aware of everything you eat and how many fat grams it contains. With a solid plan of action, you can start counting fat grams to improve your health and loss weight.

Before you start counting fat grams, see your doctor to discuss your health and your diet. Your doctor can help you determine what your fat intake should be and how much you should weigh. You don’t want to cut all fat out of your diet because the body needs a small amount of fat intake so discuss this with your doctor and a nutritionist if you can. A nutritionist can also tell you more about Omega 3 fatty acids which are known as the good fats.

One of the easiest ways to cut down on fats while you are counting fat grams is to replace unhealthy fats with healthy monounsaturated fats like olive, canola and peanut oils that help keep HDL levels (the good cholesterol) high.

Before you start counting fat grams, it’s important that you know how to count fat grams. Today more than in the past it’s much easier to count fat grams because now labels with nutrition information are required on almost all products. So when you go into a grocery store you can just look at the label to see how many fat grams are in the product. The difficult part in when you’re dining out. It’s kind of difficult to count fat grams when you’re at a restaurant. The best thing to do is ask for a low fat meal and make sure you eat really low fat healthy foods for your other meals.

According to the American Heart Association, most people should limit dietary fat to 30% of total calories. It may be more for people with high cholesterol or heart disease. So, if you need to consume 1,500 calories a day to reach your target weight of 140 pounds, you should try not to exceed 50 fat grams a day. This is really individual though so your best bet is to consult with your doctor and a nutritionist for what’s best for you.

Now get started counting your fat grams! You can cook leaner by substituting low-fat ingredients in high-fat items. Use egg substitutes for whole eggs or pureed fruit like applesauce in dessert recipes that require butter or shortening. Start drinking skim milk and using cooking spray or meat stock for sautéing vegetables. Substitute low-fat cheese, low fat sour cream and low fat mayonnaise. You’ll find making some simple changes can make a big difference.

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