Can Yoga Replace Cardio Exercise

The benefits of exercise goes without saying but the benefits of replacing one exercise for another opens the door for debate. Modern day living dictates the need for a visit to the gym more often than not especially for those struggling with weight gain issues. For overall wellness and health improvement many are opting to take a more holistic approach to getting and keeping fit. The movement towards the healthy practice of yoga over the sometimes more strenuous routine of cardio exercise sees many running for their yoga mats everywhere.

Pros of yoga

Yoga exercise in place of a cardio exercise routine starts with its ability to provide all over wellness that transcends even the most advanced cardio exercise workout. Yoga not only tones the muscles all over but also is great for building and maintaining strong cardio vascular improvements in the body. Hot yoga burns as many as 630 calories. This is equivalent to an hour of jogging. Yoga balances the body from head to toe as well as a comprehensive cardio exercise.

Cons of a yoga
Yoga has very few cons when it comes to its benefits vs. cardio exercise. Cardio exercise is capable of stimulating the heart muscle while yoga does not do so to the same extent. Exercise like swimming and running have the ability to get the heart muscle pumping. Yoga does not have the same affect on the body during a yoga exercise session.

Pros of cardio vascular
Cardio exercise first and foremost encourages and support gradual weight loss. In addition to weight loss another benefit for cardio vascular exercise is it ability to induce calorie reduction. Through cardio exercise the body instantly begins to burn off calories that otherwise would remain in the body. Ultimately, such calories can lead to the increase in body fat and weight gain. By increasing the metabolic rate through cardio exercise the body is able to resist noticeable weight gain. Improvement of the blood pressure is another important affect cardio exercise has on the body.

Cons of cardio exercise
Cardio exercise cons are not nearly as many as the pros of cardio vascular exercise. A cardio vascular workout has the potential to add strain to your heart if you over due the cardio exercise session. Most importantly, cardio vascular exercise has a preventative measure to protect the heart against heart or cardiovascular disease. But, if over down the ill affect can be irreversible.

Ultimately, the benefits of a yoga workout over cardio exercise surpasses the mere act of working up a sweat. Inner peace and healing are achievable through yoga rather than cardio exercise. Yoga goes above and beyond while at the same time providing a sufficient and acceptable cardio level exercise.


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