Can Michigan Reduce Obesity, Become Fit and Healthy by Being Coached by a Man Who has Exercised for 1772 Days in a Row? Source: Don Staley Brain Cell Coach, LLC (800) 913-8517

Rochester Hills, MI (PRWEB) September 20, 2011


Last week, Governor Rick Snyder told Michiganders and the Michigan Legislature, “To build a stronger Michigan, we must build a healthier Michigan.” With a 31.7% rate of adult obesity and 12.4% rate of youth obesity as part of the major public health problems, Michigan is now #8 in the nation for obesity.

Research proves that 95% of exercise programs fail. Something needs to be done differently.

Don Staley, author of the new book, Fit Mind Fit Body, released Tuesday, Sept. 20th, may be exactly the right man to motivate the entire state. He cracked the fitness code and as of today, he has exercised for 1772 consecutive days – since Nov. 14, 2006.

According to Staley, the current approach for diet and exercise programs is failing. In fact, Staley believes the approach most people take is backwards. Builders don’t put a roof on a house until the foundation is set. Starting with diet and exercise first is like building the roof of a house first. Your mindset and habits must be the foundation, and when they are, the usual struggles in dieting and exercising diminish.

Dr. Bob Uslander, M.D. of La Jolla, CA agrees. “Fit Mind, Fit Body is an incredible book. It‘s very different than other approaches I’ve seen. It gives you a whole different way of looking at how you can make your mindset effective and consistent, making fitness a no-brainer.”

Fit Mind Fit Body does not include a specific diet or exercise plan; yet weight loss occurs naturally once the principles are followed. This self-help fitness guide includes a 30-day action plan and a 3-month email coaching program, to ensure that the reader creates empowering health habits.

“Once Michiganders latch onto the concepts in my book, they won’t revert back to their old habits which led them to weight gain. They will love the changes in their body, health and life when they crack the fitness code!” Staley said.

Staley himself lost 40 pounds simply by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind to change his own mindset, thus creating healthy habits. Before that, Staley’s weight tipped scales at close to 220, and like many people, he was also troubled with high cholesterol, triglycerides, love handles and lack of energy.

For more info, contact Staley at 1-800-913-8517 or by email at DonStaley(at)gmail(dot)com

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