Can I lose wgt. w-out lots of aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise gets the heart rate up and helps you burn MORE calories so I will say no, however here's some interesting information for you:

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500 calories is 1 lb. that means if you want to lose weight cut out 500 calories a week and you'll lose 1 lb. a week.

Adding things like water, yogurt, vegetables, fruits, and nuts to your diet will help you lose more weight. Also stay away from things like white bread which are refined carbohydrates. Eat complex carbohydrates like multigrain bread, whole grains etc. Things lower on the Glycemic Index.

Sugar is really your #1 enemy not fat, but don't go overboard with the fats.

If you drink a lot of sports drinks start switching those out for water, same if you drink a lot of coke. If you need to make sure your electrolytes stay in balance drink something like pediasure to make sure you stay in balance without a lot of sugar in take.

These changes combined with aerobic and anarobic workouts will get you to whatever weight you want to be at.

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