Can anyone suggest a bodybuilding diet for a beginner? I&#039

Less fat and added sugar is always a good start for any diet, reduces the the amount of “empty calories” and opens up the path to meaningful calories. when I say less fat I do not mean no fat, I mean cut back on cooking oil, butter, margarine, etc – added fats. When I say less added sugar I mean cut back on candies, cakes, sugar in the coffee, etc. A teaspoon of sugar has about 60 calories, a table spoon of fat (butter, oil, blah) has about 100 calories – Conversely a serving of canned corn is about 60 calories. Which will fill you faster? a table spoon of fat or a serving of corn?

Sugars are important to your diet, namely carbs. A weight training and cardio exercise program takes energy. Carbohydrates are converted into sugars which are released over a period of time into the blood stream. Those sugars are what gives you energy – the more energy you have during the workout the more efficient you are with the work out, So eating a carb 20-30 minutes before your work out will give you the energy you need to work out efficiently.

Protein is a must. Muscles build on protein (and other stuff, protein mostly). Protein should be taken about 15-30 minutes after the work out and should be taken regularly through out your training program. Up to 2 weeks after the last workout.

You will get more boost from your eating habits if you break down three large meals into 6 smaller meals spread out through the day.

The correct food pyramid (not the FDA one) starts off with a strong base of fruits and veg Say 6 servings a day.

On top of that is grains Say 4 servings a day

on top of that meat and dairy (about 3 servings a day each)

and on top of that added fats and sugars about 1-2 servings a day.

As a body builder you will want to consume a tad bit more meat and carbs. More carbs = more energy, more meat = more protein.

Eat when hungry. When you are working out and during the rest periods between workouts your body will need more food. DO NOT aim for 0% body fat all the time. This is something body builders do when in competition, not all the time. During the off season (when not competing) they actually pack on more fat. Fat is the body's secondary long term fuel source. Having a bit of padding will increase the effectiveness of your workout.


There are about a zillion of them out there legal and otherwise. All you really need is a good protein addition such as whey protein shakes (Which comes from animal products and is more readily assimilated than soy protein which comes from vegetable matter) and a good one a day vitamin – one that gives you all the essentials.

the rest of the products out there are “debatable” some are taken, others are not.

Mind building muscle is per individual basis, what works for me may not work for you. This doesn't only apply to routines but also diet. Individual body's require other things than other body's. some react well with some supplements, other body's just do not react at all. Thus the “debate” about the effectiveness of other supplements.

Remember that your muscles are being built during the rest time between workouts (thus individual muscle groups are worked out every other day) It is crucial during the “healing” process between workouts that you feed your body.

Further drink lots and lots of clear liquids. Water is best, however unsweetened herbal teas, clear juices (like apple juice, grape juice) are good. soda, coffee, milk etc are ok, but they do not actually do a complete job of hydrating the body and giving enough fluids in the blood stream to flush out the toxins and dead cells that a work out makes.

And sleep is very, very important. At least 8 hours of sleep a night, more if you can get it and if you need it.

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