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Calorie Food In Information….a calorie counter can only help you manage your weight if you keep track of what you actually eat.

Weight Loss Resources makes this easy – your online food diary keeps a running total of the calories and fat grams consumed.

The food diary also adds extra calories burned during exercise to your calorie allowance for the day – from your online exercise diary.

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Exercise Calorie Counter

The Weight Loss Resources programme also includes an exercise calorie counter. In the exercise section of the program you can search a database of exercise activities, and find out how many calories you would burn doing your favourite activities – from walking, to playing football, to skiing. The program takes your details such as weight, and background activity level, to give a calories burned result personalised to you.

How Many Calories Do You Need?

If you’re calorie counting in order to lose weight, you need to find out how many food calories you need on a daily basis in order to lose weight. This will be different from person to person depending on things like current weight, background activity level, and whether you’re a man or woman.


Calories in a Baileys Irish Cream (37ml) 129
Calories in champagne (1 glass/120ml) 89
Calories in a pint of beer 182
Calories in a pint of Guinness 170
Calories in gin, 40% alcohol (25ml) 55
Calories in lager, Stella Artois (1 can/550ml) 221
Calories in sherry (50ml) 68
Calories in wine (1 glass/120ml) 87
Calories in vodka, 40% alcohol (25ml) 55

Bread, Biscuits and Cakes

Calories in a bagel (85g) 216
Calories in a baguette, French (150g) 360
Calories in a Cadbury’s Flake Cake (1 std bar/34g) 180
Calories in a biscuit (15g) 74
Calories in a Danish pastry (67g) 287
Calories in a doughnut (49g) 140
Calories in a hot cross bun (70g) 205
Calories in a jaffa cake (12g) 46
Calories in a low fat biscuit (14g) 65
Calories in a scone (70g) 225
Calories in a white, crusty roll (50g) 140
Calories in bread, brown (1 med slice) 74
Calories in bread, brown, Weight Watchers (1 slice/12.2g) 28
Calories in bread, granary (1 slice/25g) 59
Calories in bread, pitta (1 pitta/25g) 147
Calories in bread, white (1 slice/37g) 84
Calories in bread, wholemeal (1 slice/36g) 79
Calories in toast (1 med slice/33g) 88

Breakfast Cereal

Bran Flakes, Kelloggs (45g) 144
Corn Flakes, Kelloggs (45g) 167
Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut, Kelloggs (45g) 176
Porridge Oats, Scots, Quaker (45g) 166
Rice Krispies, Kelloggs (45g) 171
Shredded Wheat, Nestle (2 pieces/44g) 143
Special K, Kelloggs (45g) 166
Weetabix (2 biscuits/37½g) 129

Chicken and Meat

Calories in a beef sausage (1 sausage/60g) 151
Calories in a chicken breast (200g) 342
Calories in a kebab (168g) 429
Calories in a pork sausage (1 sausage/24g) 73
Calories in bacon (1 rasher/25g) 64
Calories in chicken breast fillets (1 fillet/140g) 162
Calories in fillet steak (1 oz/20g) 54
Calories in gravy, beef (83ml) 45
Calories in ham (1 slice/30g) 35
Calories in lamb chops (1 oz/28g) 69
Calories in pork chops (1 oz/28g) 73
Calories in roast beef (1 slice/35g) 50
Calories in roast leg of lamb (1 oz/28g) 67

Chinese Food

Calories in Chinese bean sprouts (150g) 92
Calories in Beef in black bean (386g) 432
Calories in Chicken and Cashew (350g) 311
Calories in Chicken Balls (1 ball/46g) 45
Calories in Egg Fried Rice (200g) 250

Chocolate and Sweets

Calories in a Cadbury’s Creme Egg (39g) 174
Calories in a Mars Bar (65g) 294
Calories in Celebrations (1 sweet/8g) 36
Calories in chocolate (100g) 530
Calories in chocolate ice cream (50g) 159
Calories in Kit Kat (2 finger bar/21g) 106
Calories in Jelly Babies (1 baby/6g) 20
Calories in low cal sweetener (1 tsp/1g) 4
Calories in Maltesers (1 pack/37g) 183
Calories in Milky Way (1 bar/26g) 117
Calories in Minstrels (1 pack/42g) 209
Calories in popcorn (100g) 405
Calories in Snickers (1 bar/64½g) 323
Calories in Twix (twin bar/62g) 306

Crisps and Snacks

Calories in a Special K bar (24g) 94
Calories in cheese and onion crisps (1 bag/35g) 184
Calories in olives (1 oz/28g) 29
Calories in ready salted light crisps (1 bag/28g) 132
Calories in Wotsits (1 pack/40g) 212


Calories in coffee (1 cup/220ml) 15.4
Calories in a can of coke (330ml) 139
Calories in orange juice (1 glass/200ml) 88
Calories in tea (1 mug/270ml) 29

Easter Eggs

Calories in an Aero Easter Egg (1 pack/212g) 1109
Calories in a Chocolate Buttons Easter Egg (1 pack/105g) 557

Calories in a Chocolate Orange Easter Egg (1 pack/222g) 1017
Calories in a Cadbury’s Caramel Easter Egg (1 pack/222g) 1132
Calories in a Cadbury’s Creme Egg Easter Egg (1 pack/200g) 990
Calories in a Crunchie Easter Egg (1 pack/200g) 1010
Calories in a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Easter Egg (1 pack/218g) 1155
Calories in a Cadbury’s Flake Easter Egg (1 pack/185g) 980
Calories in a Cadbury’s Heroes Easter Egg (1 pack/200g) 1040
Calories in a Kit Kat Easter Egg (1 pack/245g) 1279
Calories in a Quality Street Easter Egg (1 pack/206g) 1032
Calories in a Rolo Easter Egg (1 pack/249g) 1245
Calories in a Cadbury’s Roses Easter Egg (1 pack/202g) 1040
Calories in a Smarties Easter Egg (1 pack/220g) 1096

Eggs and Dairy

Calories in butter (10g) 74
Calories in cheese, cheddar (40g) 172
Calories in cheese, cream (34g) 58
Calories in eggs, size 3 (57g) 84
Calories in milk, semi skimmed (200ml) 96
Calories in milk, whole (1fl oz/30ml) 20
Calories in yoghurt, black cherry (1 pot/150g) 106
Calories in yoghurt, strawberry (1 pot/200g) 123

Fast Food

Calories in a Big Mac (215g) 492
Calories in a cheeseburger 379
Calories in a hamburger (108g) 254
Calories in a Quarter Pounder with cheese (206g) 515
Calories in Kentucky Fried Chicken (67g) 195
Calories in KFC fries (100g) 294
Calories in McDonalds fries (78g) 207
Calories in Pizza Deluxe (1 slice/66g) 171
Calories in Pizza (½ pizza/135g) 263
Calories in Potato Wedges (135g) 279


Calories in a banana (150g) 143
Calories in a pear (170g) 68
Calories in a satsuma (1 med/70g) 25
Calories in an apple (112g) 53
Calories in an avocado pear (145g) 275
Calories in an orange (160g) 59
Calories in grapes (50g) 30
Calories in kiwi fruit (1oz/28g) 14
Calories in melon (1oz/28g) 7
Calories in strawberries (1oz/28g) 7

Indian Food

Calories in a Chicken Bhuna (1 serving/300g) 396
Calories in a Chicken Korma (300g) 498
Calories in a Chicken Tikka (150g) 232
Calories in a poppadum (12g) 49
Calories in a Samosa (50g) 126
Calories in an Onion Bhaji (22g) 65
Calories in Bombay Potato (200g) 202
Calories in naan bread (½ piece) 269

Low Calorie and Low Fat Foods

Calories in cheese spread, low fat (50g) 56
Calories in Chicken Tikka Masala, low fat (400g) 360
Calories in low fat cookies (23g) 82
Calories in garlic bread, low fat (84g) 94
Calories in a hot cross bun, low fat (65g) 161
Calories in a low calorie ice cream (60g) 71
Calories in low calorie mayonnaise (11g) 33
Calories in low calorie lasagne (300g) 255
Calories in a rice cake (10g) 38
Calories in a low calorie chicken sandwich (169g) 270

Nuts and Seeds

Calories in almonds (1 oz/28g) 171
Calories in Brazil nuts (1 oz/28g) 193
Calories in cashew nuts (1 oz/28g) 164
Calories in hazelnuts (1 oz/28g) 183
Calories in salted peanuts (1 sm pack/50g) 311
Calories in sesame seeds (1 oz/28g) 171
Calories in sunflower seeds (1 oz/28g) 164
Calories in walnuts (1 oz/28g) 194

Sandwiches and Takeaway Food

Calories in a chicken, ham and prawn sandwich pack (1 pack/247g) 349
Calories in a chicken fajita wrap (1 pack/185g) 263
Calories in a chicken salad sandwich (1 pack/195g) 257
Calories in a ham and cheese toasted sandwich (1 pack/160g) 429
Calories in a ham and Swiss cheese panini (1 panini/223g) 557
Calories in a spicy Mexican flatbread (1 pack/184g) 282
Calories in a tuna mayonnaise baguette (1 pack/230g) 535
Calories in an egg mayonnaise sandwich (1 pack) 253


Calories in a jacket potato (180g) 245
Calories in a salad (100g) 19
Calories in brocoli (30g) 7
Calories in cabbage (135g) 21
Calories in carrots (60g) 13
Calories in celery (40g) 2
Calories in chips (100g) 253
Calories in iceberg lettuce (1 oz/28g) 3.7
Calories in mashed potato (with butter) (1 oz/28g) 29
Calories in mushrooms (1 oz/28g) 44
Calories in onions (1 oz/28g) 8.4
Calories in peas (60g) 32
Calories in red peppers (1 oz/28g) 7

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