1. hilarious-lookin’ but feels awesome (:

  2. Not a fan of it. I would go in the bedroom or club for those moves lol

  3. Love this workout, i ordered her DVDs last week and can’t wait until I work
    through the full 12 weeks.

  4. This looks intense and fun deffo gonna try this tomorrow 🙂

  5. Her fake tan under her arm pits is awful! Loved this workout though, was
    very funny. Wouldn’t want anyone to see me doing it though haha

  6. Like if Sam Schuerman bought you here c:

  7. This looks really hard, but also really fun.

  8. You can use this for a little cardio as well

  9. Hahahahaha I couldnt help but think shes humping the air. ;b Admit it you
    did too!

  10. yes she is. you’re not very nice.

  11. Bizzie you are a beast!! look at you go!! & you’ve had a kid, you rock!

  12. I love your Fitness style!

  13. Nice position 4:33

  14. Do you have to have life insurance to do this workout? Why does it have to
    be so frenetic? It’s obviously for young things who are super fit and super
    flexible and probably don’t need to lose any weight. What about the rest
    (majority) of the female population (e.g. 50-something in perimenopause who
    does yoga and cardio but there’s no way she could get her booty round that

  15. Everytime I thought yay I got it, there was already an outher exercise!
    Guess I I have to repeat it some times…

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  19. Gotta try this soon!

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  21. Marabel damgaard-andersen


  22. She makes wanna lick her pussy and ass

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  25. This was fun

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